How to feel really old in one not so easy iOS upgrade! 

I upgraded to iOS 10 this weekend, then realized it was way over my techie pay grade. I called in the experts: my kids, for Oh My Mom Really IS Old Tutorial. 

I really had the hardest time with all the new texting options, especially the Kiss thing that I tried to text Mr. EOS and he asked me if it I was sexting him! 😬. That would be no. 

Once I got the hang of the new gifs, I was unstoppable, much to the frustration of my friends who kept saying Enough Enough. We get it, you like the animated gifs. 

Then there’s the handwriting and animated scripts but I learned that the recipients of certain animated scripts who like me have the lowly iPhone 5, don’t get the animation. 

I had trouble with my mail inbox, the font was so tiny in the mail body it was unreadable but a quick search told me to reboot phone. I did. Problem solved. 

I am sure there are a million more fun things about iOS 10 I’ll never get. Anyone else upgrade and have tips? 

7 thoughts on “How to feel really old in one not so easy iOS upgrade! 

      1. Funny. I’m the only one in the family of five with a Samsung. My wife and kids are giving me the raspberry today, telling me to turn in my fried phone for an iPhone 7. I may have to succumb, then come here for a tutorial.

  1. I’ve used Apple products since the days of Apple IIE. I always wait a bit before upgrading software. I use an iPhone 6S and an iPad Pro and haven’t bothered to download the latest software.

    1. You and Mr. EOS come from the same school of thought. He gets used to a software in his phone and hates to ch-ch-change it.
      Me? I change right away and try and find all the new options I. It. It’s like a game.

      Hope you still have that Apple IIE. Probably worth some money.

  2. I updated my iPad, but not my phone (5 something or other). Not too many issues, but I couldn’t get the broken heart text to work. I use the gmail ap, and I may have had to reboot it. Funny how fast one forgets… I too, had fun with the gifs😳 I’ll likely upgrade to the 7 by January. I think my eldest is ready for a hand me down phone that actually works….(as a phone)

    Did you get your nap?

    1. Glad I’m not alone in getting that heart thing to work. It takes more coordination than I have.

      Hmmmmm, I know so many parents who find one of the toughest issues is how old a child should be before getting an iPhone. I’m glad I never had to deal with that problem. It’s got to be as much the maturity of the child as it is how he will use it. I’d love to know your thought process.

      Never got a nap but heading to bed now, 9:11pm. Yawn. I usually stay up past 11. Not tonight.

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