Oooooh, that Full Moon Last Night

From the lens of SoundBeacher’s camera…
Last night was a Hunter’s Moon and we celebrated the event by having a BBQ at the beach, where Sunset was at 7:01 and the Full Moon rise was at 7:09.  It was magnificent and such a beautiful evening to be dining outdoors. Just lovely.

Great night to be dining al fresco

What a great sunset

The full moon, hunter moon, rises above the harbor

The large glowing orange moon

It’s so bright among the boats

3 thoughts on “Oooooh, that Full Moon Last Night

  1. Fantastic pictures of our celestial bud. Somehow, Autumn, my favorite time of year, rekindles the dread of what is to come. That moon seems to be a harbinger.

      1. 1980’s. Another wave of brit music hitting our shores. The private school in Pebble Beach had their own radio station (progressive?) and would play this stuff in lieu of the standard top 40 tunes. I liked it (but, that’s me).

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