They May Think the Wine was the real Thank you gift but…..

I did what I call a nothing favor for my neighbors today, something neighbors do for neighbors, but when I got back from running errands this afternoon, on my breakfast table was this….


Two bottles of rosé and a package of Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets.

Weaned on Tastykake at Phillies games (I believe it was at one time the official snack of the Phillies), it was hard to leave the DelMarVa peninsula region and find out that Tastykake wasn’t available on MVY or Switzerland or France, or even RI.

In having drinks with these very fine neighbors the other night, we were laughing about regional foods that we grew up with (they are both born and raised southerners) but find hard to buy up north. They pine for real grits. I have less gourmet tastes and told them I pined for Butterscotch Krimpets. They didn’t know from Krimpets! Hicks.

Lo and behold, the note they left said that while they were at the former Hess gas station (now Speedway) in Bedford Hills, they walked by an entire display of Tastykake products and couldn’t resist adding the Krimpets to the wine. I take back my hick comment. 🙂

In other words, my Friday night is now made in the shade, even though there’s very little shade anywhere. It’s hot and sunny so I’ll pop the bottles of wine in the fridge and debate with myself if the Krimpets will be an hors d’oeuvre or dessert. Tough choice.

Have a great Friday night y’all. I sure will.

16 thoughts on “They May Think the Wine was the real Thank you gift but…..

    1. In my lifetime of having neighbors, I have lucked out with neighbors who are REAL neighbors – the ones who ask you if you need something, have your house key of something goes wrong, will gather the mail if you forget, give you a ride to the airport….and love getting together regularly, even if it’s just a cold beer on the back porch.

  1. SB and I will be popping by later to help you with Freaky Friday, or whatever we used to call this blog going into the weekend.

  2. Just back from Le Lavandou in Provence a few days ago. Chateau Leoube is FAR and away better than the miserable Miraval product Brangelina have tendered in the Rose market. They also make an even better sparkling Rose. Sorry but I don’t know how to accent a character on a QWERTY keyboard.

    1. Welcome home and thanks for the rosé 101 course. The last time I bought rosé with any regularity was in the 1960s so these two gifts looked a lot more high brow. I had the Miraval last night and it seemed fine to me, but the chaser of Butterscotch Krimpets might have altered the fine bouquet of the wine.

      I had NO idea the Miraval is a Brangelina line and i doubt my neighbors did either. I’m no oenophile.

  3. Having grown up in your neck of the woods, EOS, I share your love of Tastykake. But I have to say I prefer jelly to butterscotch. One cake must be eaten in 3 bites so you get the shot of jelly filling in each bite. You bite at the indent. Hoagies, cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, Tastykake — the junk food of a happy childhood! And I haven’t lost my desire for any of it.

    1. There’s a JELLY krimpet??? How do I not know that? What flavor jelly? Please tell me more.

      Nobody north of Philly can do hoagies or cheesesteaks right. Mmmmm

  4. Butterscotch Krimpets are the best TK product far and away. They are the only upside from our old Food Emporium changing into the Sm’Acme Market. Come down to Riverside if you’re jonesing for them and need to stock up!

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