The Day After I Vote for Trump….

….and hopefully hopefully hopefully he becomes our new President (but I hate to jinx it so I’ll keep to the blog topic at hand)…

We’re heading to North Carolina, the Outer Banks, for a re-do of the visit that was shortened because of a storm coming up the coast.


To a one, my family says No to Florida. They don’t see me happy there at all, mostly because there’s so little change in the weather, other than from warm and sunny to oppressively warm and humid.

I’m an autumn person by personality and winter is much more to my liking than summer, so when I say Can’t wait to buy a house in Florida, I’m met with looks like Who is this person talking? 

I’m naturally drawn to the water – from my years on Chappaquiddick to RI, there’s a calling of hearing the surf. It’s a greater calling than let’s say the mountains. Some people are naturally drawn to live in the mountains (one of my children is missing her Vail days and might forsake all that NYC has to offer and head back west).

I truly can’t stand living with no view here in Bedford. so whatever comes next will HAVE to have a mega view. Views cost, and cost a lot when it comes to living on the ocean.

We’re hanging out in Corolla as the base, a very simple Hampton Inn on the ocean and we’ll use that base to spend a week driving through all the OBX towns.

Duck, NC is the town many of our friends are sending us to first – that and Corolla we are told will be to our liking. Well, maybe, but I sure am not seeing a house I can AFFORD. I’d take this one in Duck, NC, on the freaking ocean, move right in, even the furnishings are perfect (except the dining room chairs), says it was owned by a duPont, so I probably know them but it begs the question, why are they selling?



Here’s a house for a million LESS asking price – the exterior looks great, but one photo of the interior says No way. It’s awful interior finishes.


The interior looks very cheap builder grade -the cabinets in the kitchen, the granite, everything is wrong, at least to my eye. To each her own.


The second house says its in Southern Shores, NC and this is why we are heading down there for a look see. I haven’t a clue about towns in the OBX – what IS Southern Shores and is that why this house is a million less price tag? It could be like Bedford Hills is to Bedford. Sorry friends in Bedford Hills, but you KNOW I’m right! 🙂

We’ll do the Kitty Hawk thing. We’ll walk the beaches. Look in realtors windows. Get a flavor of who lives in these towns off-season. I bet not too many, but I don’t know.

I’m always game for advice, suggestions, what to see, where to eat. What towns to seriously look at to live in. And of course, if you think this is utterly stupid, feel free to say so.

TGIF. I’ll end with a little Friday Funny. It’s an old political cartoon by the brilliant AF Branco, but what with the recent d***ing bimbos comment about Bill, this one has resurfaced for another round of enjoyment.!



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  1. Florida requires getting used to the weather and the influx of winter sunbirds. It’s not for everyone and this is speaking as someone who grew up in the northeast and raised kids in the northeast. We do like the broad range of things to do in Miami, how easy it is for the kids to get here with a direct flight from almost anywhere, we like being outside all year round, walking, golfing, playing tennis, and we’ve made great friends. What I can’t get used to is needing to keep the a/c on year round and the expense of year-round pool maintenance. If we could afford it, we would keep a house up north for the change of season but it’s not feasible for us at this stage in our life. My wife took longer to adjust to Florida than I did but she’s the one who made us new friends and who created a home for us and our visiting adult children.

    I can understand your resistance to all the sun and humidity but come February when the Outer Banks has snow and high winds and we’re playing another round of golf, don’t complain.

    I have no experience with the OBX other than visiting Kitty hawk so I can’t help you.

  2. The Outer Banks would be ideal but for the fact they’re barrier beaches and vulnerable to. yup, sea level rise. Houses are elevated to meet FEMA requirements. That also means flood insurance. All depends on the level of risk you want to take in purchasing a property right along the shore.
    We spent 25 years of weekends and vacations in the north country. Lakes, views, mountains everywhere. It just wasn’t my cup of tea although I tried. I’m much happier near the ocean so I understand your wish to get back there.
    I’ve always preferred off seasons in places that have tourist seasons.

    1. I suspect ANY town up and down the coast we look in for a house on the water means FEMA regs and insurance, Florida no exception. We’re aware of the hazards of flood insurance in RI and insurers who refuse to insure any home in a coastal town. The new OBX houses I’ve seen are not only higher but some are behind a tall sand dune berm, meaning the first floor rooms may not have a view. When push comes to shove, maybe the most we can hope for is a long view of the water and not on the water. I’d be okay with that.

      Any year-round resident of MV would tell you the BEST part of living there was once the summer peeps left!

  3. Good choice! The house pictured is nicely FEMA compliant already.

    As a presumably cash buyer, flood insurance is optional, so you get your choice of a cheaper but nicer non-compliant structure built down on the sand (price driven down by flood insurance whopper premiums) or a stilt house.

    Just as Florida has a few bad months for outdoor lovers, so does OBX. Good to have adult kids living in great alternate locations. For us that is Cape Cod, Oregon coast and Bolivia.

    I just took a seminar taught by Florida chief of coastal surveys. He confirmed my own scientific conclusion that sea level rise is nothing to panic over. It’s been on-going for 10,000 years, and yes, some day the Statue of Liberty may stand in waist deep water. But you will never live to see it or anything close to it.

    So you and your off-spring can plan for no more than a foot of rise by 2100, not six feet. NYC has seen 8-inches since 1811, when the city street grid was laid out.

    1. They key line of your comment: Good to have adult kids living in great alternate locations. 🙂 We’re working on that!! Love it love it!

      I like bad weather, as strange as that is to say. I need variation in the weather, dark clouds and pouring rain, or even a storm of some consequence that would make me appreciate the sunshine once it comes back out.

      With ZERO knowledge about the OBX, this trip will give us at least the ABCs. Looking forward to it.

  4. Corolla is OK as long as you stay home on Saturday in the summer. The “rental change over day” traffic is incredible. Took us four hours to make the last 20 miles of the trip

    1. I’ve seen many travel websites talk about the horrible traffic of rentals. I guess it’s no different than the Cape. I think it’s a real concern if I buy a house with neighbors who rent it out every weekend to yahoos.

  5. Other than the Boardwalk, kayaking/water activities there doesn’t appear to be anything to do in Duck than wait on line for ice cream. Might get boring quickly for a several month stint.
    Plus no direct flights from HPN to Norfolk, and still 50 miles to drive after you land.

    Still think Palm Beach, WPB, Juno Beach, Jupiter, Tequesta are all great places October thru May. Always endless culture (museums, concerts, etc.) happenings. And great restaurants and shopping.

    Best of all, many inexpensive (not always) direct flights to PBI, which is a great airport.

    And, you can always take the train down to Miami to visit Peter and family!

    1. All you say is true and I don’t disagree with anything – especially the part about access, getting to OBX. It’s a long drive from any aiport and a longer drive from NY if the kids do drive the whole way. Driving both ways would mean less time to enjoy a weekend so all that is important to take into consideration. If you think who we hired to care for Dawg was weighing heavily on is, our next move is even bigger.

      All those Florida towns you cited are gorgeous but I do not, emphasis on NOT, want to be in Bedford Redux, and that’s what so many of those towns are.

    2. Sorry I am late to this discussion as I’ve been out of town for a few days. Northern VT, northeast kingdom I think they call it. Pretty, but when you can’t get a Verizon cellphone signal, you know you are out there.

      I spent one summer vacation week on OBX. Pretty enough, but the four hour backup to get onto the island alluded to by Mr85Broad and the lack of any sort of mental stimulation beyond letting some air out of your SUV tires and driving across the sand on the northern most point of the OBX to hang out with the wild horses would make this place get old fast in my book. In the jet ski rental place, they had a picture of their location before it was all overbuilt. It did look pretty. Seriously, there is not one unclaimed square inch of buildable space in any halfway desirable location.

      If you really don’t want to do Florida, you might consider the area around Charleston, SC where there are a range of options. I think there are now enough yankee transplants that the locals don’t still fight the civil war as blatantly as they used to.

      1. Thanks for your opinion, which I value a great deal. Your points are all valid, and everyone agrees that OBX is hard to get to. We’ll still visit, report, then go from there.

        We’ve been to two weddings in South Carolina coastal towns – Pawley’s Island where all I remember were the giant mosquitoes and Kiawah where all I could think of was how I could never afford a home tere when the average home price is well over $5m.

        What about YOU???? Are you all set for your move to Florida? Renovations done? CofO ready to be mailed? Final check to contractor mailed? Bags packed? Excited?

        1. Yikes. I’d have to win a $500million lottery to justify that house. I’ve heard from Kiawah residents that most houses sit empty. Kiawah tends to be a third residence so not used very much.

        2. Kiawah Island. Those were some nice vacations. We went there 3-4 years in a row when the kids were young. We were talking about this on the long drive back from VT yesterday and my daughter mentioned one of her friends recently went there and described it as a large country club. Very accurate I thought. My niece has a house in Johns Island which she enjoys. I haven’t been there.

          Our FL project is about two months behind schedule, largely because all the contractors are insanely busy. We are staying with an emphasis on quality over elapsed time, which in the overall scheme of things isn’t a problem.

          The number of construction cranes in Sarasota is astounding, and that is just the condos being built in and around downtown. There are also many many custom builds like ours. Even though available inventory is well below that in Greenwich, they really don’t do spec houses down there.

          Our construction should be done around Nov 1, so current plan is to move in early December. Excited is too strong a term, but I am looking forward to reinventing my life down there. I just think it is time to do something else after 22 years in Riverside and 36 years in the metro NYC area.

    1. Yes. I have mixed feelings. He could have skipped the part that Hillary started it and just said Obama was born in the USA. CNN and MSNBC are foaming at the mouth calling out Trump as a lying liar for even suggesting HRC is peripherally involved. They don’t want to let this go.

  6. Don’t the Bedford Golf n Tennis peeps decamp more to Hobe Sound and Port St. Lucie? That’s my personal experience.

  7. I don’t know much about obx.

    I dragged my feet on the Cape reservations and now I’m thinking we should go down to the Chesapeake in October. Is Rehboth area nice/family friendly? (I read it’s become like Provincetown).

    We are now thinking (not now, but maybe in five years🤔) to buy an RV and spend a year roadschooling (it is a thing!) around the US trying to figure out where we want to land. I definitely want waterfront, very mild to tropical winters. And we will likely escape to Sweden during hurricane season. Everyone in our Florida keys community self insures for flood. Ive been advised that flood insurance maxes out at $250,000, but I often wonder if I am missing something.

    1. Rehoboth and Dewey Beach might be okay in the fall but they have changed since my day – a little too honky tonk for my taste. Try a Maryland beach town – St. Michael’s or Easton. Would the kids like to see the wild horses on Chincoteague or Assateague?

      I watch a show called Epic RVs and many of the buyers are looking for the big rig to do just what you said – roadschooling. It’s quite popular and I think would be an awesome idea. Go for it!!!!

  8. Martha-

    You have the CAP payment from FEMA about right.

    So optional flood insurance makes no economic sense in high value neighborhoods.

    Now for a trailer park home on the Gulf of Mexico, FEMA will provide you with a replacement trailer in a jiffy.

  9. My advice is not to focus only on oceanfront. As you work your way south there are lots & lots of very nice, large bays, sounds & rivers on which to buy or build. I’m totally with you on living on/near SALT water. No fresh water lakes for me! There’s just no comparison.

  10. Still wish you’d take a look at Sanibel/Captiva. Captiva especially has a wildness to the beach that might resonate, especially since you have RI to escape to for landscape/weather variety. And when you want bad weather/winter snow just stay up there ’til after Christmas! With ft Myers just over the causeway, with several colleges and city vibe, there’d be the “culcha” fix you crave. Bibi

    1. Part two of the Journey to Find a Home will be a couple of weeks along the west coast of Florida. Maybe January or February. We’ll do all the towns, including Captiva Sanibel before making any decisions. You and Cos have made great points, all of which I agree with. But what’s odd is that when I went to MV for the first time visiting a friend, I knew the moment I walked off the ferry I had to move there. I’m hoping to get that same emotion in the search. All the culture in the world won’t make me happy if my heart isn’t in the locale too.

  11. I know I mentioned Useppa, but Didn’t know about North Captiva then. Seems to have the isolation you’ve indicated is important. Lots of real estate, in all price ranges, larger group of residents, miles of beach. Maybe you already knew about North Captiva?

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