Throwback Thursday: My Very First Blog Post*: What a Fungi

Six years now, six years, okay with a few long breaks here and there, it’s time to look back at **my first post as EOredux**. Now, for those few of you who go back before my Redux moniker, you know I actually started blogging a half-year or more BEFORE that, simply and plainly as Earth Ocean Sky. The intent was to photograph those three things. Little did I know the blog would evolve, like Obama and Hillary evolved over their stances on gay marriage and the Confederate flag. ANYWAY, I’ve evolved too, at least I think I have, broadened my fan base from three people to hundreds a day (not thousands or millions like Drudge) but I’ll take 600-700 hits a day. For a nobody, that’s pretty decent.

My recollection of the Original Original Original commenters in the EOS sans Redux days were Betty, Brit, and Earth Image. I don’t believe Catherine came aboard until Redux.

So here it is, in all it’s fungi delight, Post Number one, from September 29, 2010! Note, there were no comments. I wasn’t exactly loquacious in this post either. Sheesh.



With so much rain, my yard is full of mushrooms. Beautiful conical white ones. Tall umbrella types. Low white flower shaped ones. I grew up near the Mushroom Capital of the World, Kennett Square, PA but I can’t tell you what is what here.

SoundBeacher emailed me this afternoon with this comment and photos: Last sentence: Sage advice!

Ok, saw your post! (it reminded me I had these photos) I don’t remember when I started tagging along, but I think it was before the Redux. When we went hiking in Devil’s Den last month, I saw a lot of mushrooms and took pics because they looked so different and so pretty! Are they a mushroom or a toadstool?? Maybe Martha needs some additional types to ID with her kids, so here is my collection, or is that too boring? Never eat a mushroom you can’t identify! –SB

It’s a Toad Stool

Looks like a fairy house setting

That rock is not in the way

Lots of texture on this ‘shroom

Love that orange color

18 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: My Very First Blog Post*: What a Fungi

  1. That’s a pretty dismal first post (no offense). How long did it take you to acquire a healthy readership?

    Kudos for still keeping us entertained!

    1. It took a year or so to find a real readership but it was in those early days that I spent reading and commenting on a dozen or so WP blogs. By doing so, it was considered blog etiquette for the blog host to reciprocate and comment on my blog. That’s when people like Bronx Boy, Mags, and Rosie, a second Betty and Maggie and many others were regulars. I don’t have the time now to read and comment on so many other blogs so I’ve lost all those connections and comrades. All those bloggers have stopped blogging anyway, every last one, plus I’ve lost other regular readers who move on, bored, or get a life….that’s the name of the game.

    1. I thought my first blog was compromised by a reader. I deleted the whole blog in fear, then realized it was a friendly gesture from a friendly reader but by then it was gone, poof. I’ve even tried to find it in some cached version and nothing. That’s okay tho – there’s plenty in this version for people to search through.

    1. I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t sure how I’d like it or if it would take a life of its own or be well received, or even received! There have been two times when I’ve had it – just couldn’t stomach the thought of one more blog post. But then I miss it, miss the friends I’ve made, the people you get to know, virtually and for real. It’s hard when those people move on too and that’s happened a lot. Like now I worry about Bedford Mom, how her husband is doing. I have a connection to you readers like you might not understand but it’s real. It was a loss when Catherine moved but I understood and was happy for her. Others readers have left because they don’t like my politics. I get that. One day I’ll stop for good, probably after I run this post five more times! 🙂

      Nah, never did find out the names of the mushrooms. I hope Martha and her children will name them for me in their botany curriculum.

  2. Had you eaten those mushrooms it’s possible you would not still be blogging today. I love wild mushrooms but would never trust my own instincts when it comes to eating them.
    Six years, huh? Good for you! I discovered your blog through a link from a CT real estate blogger. His and yours are the only blogs I read regularly. Not sure how long I’ve been reading them but I know I spent a lot of time lurking before commenting.
    I wonder about people who disappear, too. Bedford Mom was one of my favorites. I like her very much. Maggie from Oregon has gone. I think about her daughter. I miss the bridge player on that other blog.
    That said, you have a nice group of regulars whose comments, photos and videos provide me with much enjoyment.
    Have to ask- did you ever find a lighting fixture for the hall?

    1. Maggie pretty much stopped blogging after her daughter’s terrible car accident. She writes a blog post once in a blue moon. She and her hubby were just in RI so I got to catch up with them.

      It’s normal to lose readers. People get bored with the topics, or bored with the same old commenters, or just tire of reading blogs in general. I always appreciate your comments and that you’ve been a loyal reader. I do not take that for granted, ever.

      Ha ha. You think I bought a fixture for the front hall? I have not. I came close, couldn’t spend so much money, so the bare light bulb is still the look.

  3. Congratulations on six years of getting up every morning and putting out the daily edition. I don’t think I could ever blog because I can’t type and I would waste great swaths of time looking to see if the page views had increased and, of course, if there were any comments. I always feel bad if you post something and nobody comments, but, well, what can you do?
    • What was the light fixture you wanted for the front hall?(What does it look like?)
    • Do your kids or Mr EOS suggest a topic?
    • That Q5 must be getting long in the tooth; thoughts for a replacement?
    • Are you going to return to FWIW? Sorry to miss your incisive commentary there.
    • Are we going to get an update on the Rhode Island project again? Pretty interesting stuff.
    Speaking of Rhode Island, I heard this on the Jonathan Channel (part of WQXR’s family of fine broadcasts):

    You can sing it to Mr EOS!

    1. I don’t look at my blog stats page because it’s really irrelevant in the scope of things. However, there’s a bar at the top of the admin page that shows a graph bar to give me some indication of what posts are getting traffic and what posts are duds.

      Not to worry about posts that get no comments. It’s a subjective blog and what seems interesting to me doesn’t always translate to you all.
      The light fixture I want for the front hall is a very modern colored glass globe. I’ll grab a photo and put it in this comment later. On my phone now. The iPhone app is easy for checking comments.
      Here it is: I saw it at the AD Home show, by Chesterfield Gallery, the hanging globe. Simple but gorgeous.

      The kids don’t directly suggest blog posts but I’ll sometimes take something that happened to one if them and blog about it. I’m not sure they all read it anymore. They used to but they all have lives. Funny how that works.
      Mr. EOS has and does make blog suggestions but lately he’s been singularly focused on the carriage house. He’s reticent to allow me to post photos because he hasn’t made as much progress as he hoped. His perfectionist approach to everything he does makes for a great finished product, when it gets finished! 😁

      The Q5 is a 2013 model and has just over 31k miles. I’ll probably keep it a couple more years then see if one of the kids needs an upgrade. I’d go back to the X5 if I could afford it but they are easily $25k MORE than the Q5. I like the size and comfort of the Q5/X5 so I’ll likely stay in that category.

      Hmmmmm, not sure I’ll return to FWIW. I needed a break.

      Great RI song but we’re more Family Guy peeps. Brian and Stewie singing the Road to Rhode Island is priceless!

      Hope I’ve answered everything. Time to make the coffee.

      1. Thanks for all the answers! I forgot to ask about the Hillary body double conspiracy, but, another time. I’ll keep my eye out for a light fixture (yes, I know the attempt is doomed to failure-but, what the hell).
        I thought your Q5 was older than that, so no worries. I wish BMW would really update the look of the X5 rather than massaging the body panels. I’ll keep my 5 series wagon until they come up with something better (also pissed at them because they won’t import the latest 5 series wagon, but, think we should like that crappy hatchback better- I’ll go back to Volvo if I have to).
        I guess the carriage house will be seen when it is seen. Can’t wait!
        I previewed that Stewie/Brian song before the Feinstein selection. Yes, the Family Guy version was punchy and cute as a take-off of the old Crosby/Hope road films, but, didn’t want to pander.
        Whatever happened to your correspondent in Little Rock?

        1. Regular Little Rock Reader didn’t care for my politics, that much I know for sure but she used to comment on other things. I guess my “other things” didn’t appeal anymore either. I do miss her.

  4. I sit with you at breakfast. I’m an 8ish riser and it’s quiet then, so I have time and coffee to really appreciate your pictures first thing in the morning.
    I notice that most activity is at evening. For me, that is my busy time. So I’ll catch up next morning.
    Love your blog, glad I found you.

    1. I’m not a Volvo kind of gal. My sister and her husband just got one, asking me my opinion first, and I told them no, but they bought one anyway (a whole lotta good my opinion is!). Anyway, they went from a basic “analog” city beater car, with an AM/FM radio with dials to a fancy Volvo with a computer interface that they can’t begin to comprehend. Neither has understood how to sync their phones to the Bluetooth. Neither can figure out how to change a radio station or save some favorites. I must admit I found myself laughing. They asked, I said NO, but hey what’s a kid sister know? Ha ha.

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