Cue the Twilight Zone theme

Within seconds of each other, both my laptop and cell phone shut down. Without me doing it. 

The laptop was very hot because the house a/c is off and the shade was not down to the window nearest the laptop. The sun bakes on the back of the house and the temps today are far warmer than predicted. 

I’ve turned the laptop over to let it cool and I’ll leave it off the rest of the day. 

As for my iPhone, why it shut down almost simultaneously is the mystery. I didn’t install iOS 10 with the known crashing problem. It just happened. 

I’m blogging through two paper cups tethered by butchers string. 

Can you hear me now?? 

9 thoughts on “Cue the Twilight Zone theme

  1. It’s stinkin’ hot today. Not surprised the laptop would shut down if overheated. Was your iPhone in the direct sunlight too? Mine will alert me if the phone gets too hot. Be thankful you don’t have a Samsung phone. Talk about overheating. They think the car fires on Long Island this morning are related to Samsung phones.

  2. If you use your phone as a hotspot and you have low cell phone bars, the iPhone overheats.

    I had this problem in Bolivia. You have to put a cooler under the phone. Bourbon on the rocks works.

    1. I don’t ever use my phone as a hotspot. I either link to my home wifi or use cellular. Cablevision offers hotspots but I have always felt uncomfortable using them.

      My iPhone booted up just now but froze on the last page I was one. I had to hard start it twice in a row to get it up and running. It’s old, it’s an iPhone 5, and my gut feeling is Apple wants this phone to implode so I’ll be forced to buy the 7. Not gonna happen.
      Sipping iced lemon water for now. It may change when the clock strikes 5. 😀

    1. Could be. I’m finding myself laughing intermittently today over Colin Powell’s bimbo email. It’s too funny for words. Of course, the media keeps referring to Powell as a Republican. For sure he is not.

      1. Heck, I have still been laughing about how serious the talking heads are taking Pepe the cartoon frog – they absolutely have no sense of humor. period. I have no idea where Pepe came from or why he is attached to the Trump campaign, but, I enjoy the hell out of the whole thing.

        1. Aaah, the liberal media talking heads, led by Katy Tur who has made it her mission to do nothing but bash Trump. She hates the man. I love stupid liberals. The best stupid liberal joke that wrote itself yesterday was the DNC announcing to its members it was hacked and sending in an email the NEW PASSWORD!!! You can’t make this stupid stuff up. Of course, we all know that the RNC will be hacked sooner or later and the tables will be turned.

        2. Yes, I didn’t realize the animus that Tur has against Trump (of course, it only makes her look shrill and unprofessional). Even if the RNC got hacked, I doubt there would be the treasure trove of criminal behavior found at the DNC – sale prices for ambassadorships, government grants to faithful contributors, the docking of bimboes, etc.

          Oh, I did remember how Pepe got involved with Trump. Back in the early part of the year, somebody put Trump hair and a suit on Pepe as a not-too-kind joke against Trump and tweeted it. Well, Trump re-tweeted it and that’s how new meme magic began.

        3. When you have nothing better to do one day, Google (or as I am doing exclusively now, Bing search) Katy Tur v Trump. It goes back to an early interview Trump gave Tur where in the interview he called her stupid, or something equivalent. Thus it began…..

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