The Princess and Her Slippers

Ugh, the UGG slippers I’ve been wearing for years have taken a toll on my feet. I loved them at first but after a long time, my gait changed, I found my left foot turned out more, the arch hurt, I was just plain uncomfortable in them.

I bought new liners thinking that would help. No. I bought a couple other pair of UGG slippers to see if that would address the problem. No.


So I started the hunt, the hunt for good comfortable slippers but ones that made me feel more like being barefoot. I love being barefoot and they say it’s the best way to walk around, it’s all natural for the feet to be naked. But I DO like my tootsies to be warm, hence my daytime housefrau look is to be in my UGGS.

I bought Isotoner slippers, two pair at Kohl’s, buy one, get the second one half off. I know why. I couldn’t wear them for more than ten minutes without being miserable. They’ve gone back to the store.


Online at Amazon, I went for the Minnie Mouse effect, buying these highly rated Super Soft slippers with a non-slip bottom. 


Not only do I look stupid as hell in them, and I mean embarrassingly stupid as hell, they aren’t remotely comfortable and the rubber non-skid bottom creaks and intermittently sticks while you walk. No way. I can’t send them back because I’ve worn them so maybe I’ll use them as a furniture duster.

Then I tried the Little Boo Beep look, my Baa Baa Baa white sheep Acorn slippers. I’m just missing my staff for the complete ha ha ha factor. They are too big and too wide so my feet kind of slosh around in them. They might fit better if I wore socks with them but really, that’s NOT going to happen. Really.


The only look I haven’t gone for is of the 100-year old, or as they are now referred to, The Hillary Clinton Pneumonia’s, the Silvert brand slippers that seem to have rave reviews such as great for dressing a 91yr old non ambulatory physically challenge ……my 89 year old mother loves them. [As an aside, and no kidding, the Silvert’s website has some amazing products if you do have anyone in the family who needs adaptive clothing or footwear.]


So this leaves me staying barefoot and pregnant or hoping you have a suggestion. My dogs are hurting and I need something.


27 thoughts on “The Princess and Her Slippers

    1. Thanks. I got a Garnet Hill catalog yesterday. I’ll moose through it. I often get a catalog called Foot Something, I can’t remember it exactly. I keep one in the pile and I’ll look there too.

  1. Years ago I had sheepskin boots and slippers made by Draper of Glastonbury. They were excellent quality. Company is still in business.

    1. How high does the heel come up in the back? I’m not coordinated enough to wear ones that are open in the back. These look like they have some part coming up the back. I like them very much though.

  2. Also suggest Haflinger, but it’s not going to a barefoot experience. My slippers are a repurposed pair of Tod’s driving mocs that I wore down almost completely wearing in real life. Beautiful leather, super comfortable, quite close to being barefoot. But $400.

    1. Actually, I can trace my foot problems back to wearing Tod’s driving mocs. I loved and hated them at the same time and I think wearing them as often as I did did some damage to my arches or the way I walk.

      I only say “barefoot experience” in that my UGGS are so thick that they restrict my feet. I do want some support so my phrase was not really well written.

    1. Wow, here all this time I thought the term Ugly Ass was only reserved for OJ’s Bruno Magli. Yikes. Not exactly feminine either. Are you SURE those are for ladies?

  3. I like to wear merrell’s as my indoor shoes/slipper, too. It used to be upon waking in the morning my foot would ache so I’d slip into merrell’s I only wore inside the house. Made all the difference.

    1. That’s two for Merrill’s and two for Halfinger’s. You all know your slippers.

      How about the men? Slippers for you guys too?

      My feet don’t ache or hurt per se, but I notice my shoes wear unevenly, I list like the Titanic.

    1. Oh Martha. You won’t believe this but I ordered those slippers that day after you sent me to the Halfinger’s website! Great minds think alike.
      I also ordered a pair of the Draper slippers Swanton recommended.

      Thanks!!!! XXOO

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