Ha Ha Ha. Ha Ha Ha.


I mean, really? I should have entered. I could have won even. Let’s see, what could have been my talent? Not coming up with something right away…. hey, how about tap dancing? Just the other day I was saying it was a dying art….then look how many Miss America contestants are tapping.

Miss America. I can remember so well as a kid and teen sitting as a family watching the entire evening of competition – we all had our own favorites. It was such fun. What the hell happened?

11 thoughts on “Ha Ha Ha. Ha Ha Ha.

    1. You may still be dehydrated but yes, I have taken down two posts. The moth ball one was not even done, it was merely a draft but somehow I set it to post today forgetting I still needed to work on it.

      I didn’t like the other one. That happens. Even I can’t stand my own work sometimes.

        1. Are you asking me to reveal my artistic secrets?

          Well, I usually only write posts on the fly, as something happens. I write like I speak so it’s very relaxed – in other words, grammar be damned. But on occasion, I do wake up in the middle of the night with an idea for a post. Those actually tend to be my least favorite ones and the ones you guys don’t respond to either, mostly because they are thought out. Does that make any sense? My brain thinks more extemporaneously than well rehearsed.

        2. I love your extemporaneous writing style and I think it’s what sets you apart. I much prefer your posts when shit happens than when you try and make a point.

  1. My wife tells me her family always watched Miss America too but her recollection is that the talents back then were worse than today. What Miss America do we remember by her talent?

    1. You aren’t old enough to remember Ted Mack amateur hour, are you? Wait, did you have your hearing aid on when I said that? Should I say it louder?

      I honestly don’t remember comic Davie Barry. Do you?

      The only Dave Barry I know is the one who writes a hilarious column for a Miami paper.

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