Moanday Monday

Not a great way to start the week.


Such a simple task, I thought. Change the bulb, but then the bulb broke right in my hand, leaving the base attached….. soooooooooooooo I’ll need to unplug the lamp, find some needle nose pliers, and get at this thing.

In other Monday news, the dog sitter lady is coming over this morning too, so more on that after she leaves. [Update: she called at the hour she was to be here, saying she’s running late. She’s now already a half-hour late. Strike one].

I also hope to see the movie Sully today. I tried Friday but life got in the way.

That’s about it. Temps have dropped a good 20 degrees so this morning is fall-like. S’wonderful s’marvelous.

And oh yeh, Hillary fainted yesterday? The only local tidbit I have to add is that the woman who was right behind Hillary helping her into the Scooby Doo van was her Mount Kisco based doctor, Lisa Bardack. Hillary is fine but travels with her own internist? Hmmmm. Call me crazy, but if I were running for president, I’d want a doctor who had a hospital affiliation above and beyond Northern Westchester Hospital. Most doctors today carry more than one privileges and you’d think for sure Hillary’s doctor would have privileges in the city somewhere. Just saying…

Happy Monday, wherever you are.

5 thoughts on “Moanday Monday

  1. Thanks heavens Trump played this incident right. For the first time ever, he kept his trap shut and didn’t tweet outrageous stuff about Hillary fainting. If he sticks to the deplorable comment and the economy and let Hillary’s health issues take care of itself, he’ll be okay.

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