It’s Sally Going Forth

The local pet sitter came by this morning and I was taken by her in the first three seconds. Her name is Sally Mckinnon, almost a lifetime Bedford resident, knows everyone in town, takes care of so many dogs and cats in Bedford and Pound Ridge that I know Dawg would be in really good hands.

Sally Mckinnon

We talked at great length about our conundrum – taking Dawg for socialization at Canine Kindergarten versus leaving her home with three time a day visits.

Her take, and she said it several times, it’s NOT because I am in this business, but I think Dawg would be happier at home, in her own environment, her own beds, her own bowls. 

She added that our scent is everywhere here, that Dawg would feel more comforted by knowing that our scent is still around even with us gone, not the scent of other dogs and people she doesn’t know.

I think she’s right, although there is that wee bit of me that thinks Dawg would enjoy some dog play dates.

Her fee structure is almost identical to what it would cost leaving Dawg overnight at the Canine Kindergarten so there’s no weighing that option (not that money would be the deciding factor but it is something to factor).

She charges $50/day if she comes once a day, $60/day if she comes twice, and $70/day if she comes three times a day. We’d opt for the three times a day and that way our son could come over when he can and not on call per se.

I really really really liked Sally. This is what she does for a living and she said she becomes incredibly attached to the dogs she cares for. Dawg was comfortable with her from the get-go and that is great to know too.

So I left it with her that I’d talk it over with son and we’d get back to her in a day or two. But my vote is for Sally. If we say yes, she’ll come back another time or two before we leave, to see how Dawg is fed and get a sense of the routine.

Aaah, so glad I liked her as much as I did. This is a HUGE relief to my one huge worry about being gone.

11 thoughts on “It’s Sally Going Forth

  1. I don’t think you could have a better option than Sally. Dawg will be so much happier at home. I wondered how the canine kindergarten would deal with your specially made meals.

  2. Does Dawg have a special bed or pillow? Get a small comfy throw and wrap it around your shoulders while you cook her special aromatic meals. Wrap it around your feet at night and near your face while napping to absorb your breath. Then leave it on her pillow. Maximum comfort. Bibi

  3. Dawg has probably already sensed your confidence and trust in Sally.
    It’s a good thing to be home in your own bed. You’ll feel the same way when you finally return from your trip and get in your own bed.

  4. Thanks everyone for the vote of confidence.

    Swanton: The CK had no trouble with making our meals (so they said) but I did worry that in the morning making 20+ meals for all the dogs there, Dawg’s gourmet breakfast would end up not happening.

    Bibi: Dawg has FIVE (5!) beds throughout the house – two in the kitchen, two in the dining room, and one at the foot of our bed for overnight. The blanket on the overnight bed used to be on the den sofa so it definitely has our scent on it, nachos too.

    Flash: You know it. Nothing is sweeter than climbing into one’s own bed. Exactamundo.

    chris: we’re happy and relieved. It was weighing heavy on us.

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