9-11 Memorial, Greenwich, CT

Photos By Sound Beacher…Cos Cob Park in Greenwich, CT where they moved the 9/11 Memorial for Greenwich last year.

No words necessary – beautiful photos SB. And thanks. I know Greenwich lost a LOT of fine men and women that day. Bedford did too. My good friend Tatiana Ryjova, just one of the many lost.




3 thoughts on “9-11 Memorial, Greenwich, CT

  1. Great pictures of a devastating reminder.
    My hiatus in Greenwich started in November 2001, so, there was definitely a muted atmosphere about. The daily death notices in the New York Times for each of the victims was both sad and uplifting.

    1. I too remember that muted atmosphere. It was so unsettling but you are right about the death notices and now, 15 years later, to read about the red bandanna young man who lost his life saving others, well, I tear up just thinking about that. Every parent likes to think their child would step up and save others in such a crisis. Let’s hope there’s never an incident to prove or disprove my theory.

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