Basket of Deplorables


Yes, that’s me in the middle, a white blue-eyed Trump supporter, so thus, according to Hillary, I must also be a racist xenophobe and therefore deplorable as she told a crowd of NY supporters last night to rounds of laughter. Laughter, nice folk, eh?

The last laugh may come from Trump supporters who are out in full force this morning mocking Hillary’s comment and pushing back with photos of themselves.

There are too many to post but this Tweet is pretty representative of the resentment Trump supporters feel after hearing Hillary call them deplorable.

The Trump campaign better make this a TV commercial pretty darn fast and play it immediately AFTER Hillary’s effective anti-Trump ad with footage of all his mocking words.

The takeaway for me, above and beyond the comment, is that Hillary will be just as much of a divider in chief as Obama is – pitting races, sexual orientation, and political viewpoints against each other. It’s not a world I want to live in.


6 thoughts on “Basket of Deplorables

  1. Her comment is being likened to Romney’s 47% comment but the big difference, and it is huuuuge, is that Romney’s comment was all over the airwaves in three seconds, hammered home. Hillary’s comment might have made CNN but if you listen to the host, he says something bad about Trump first. In other words, this will get no traction other than in conservative blogs and in Twitter.

  2. The left (by that I mean every MSM cable anchor and newspaper editor) is pushing back hard in this, saying Hillary was not only correct, her estimate of half was low. CNN wants to host a conversation about the facts of her comment. In other words, they will use her words against Trump. That’s how the left roll.

    1. Austin. You ain’t just whistling Dixie.

      The left is giving Hillary high marks for understanding the true racist Trump base. #smh

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