The Bill Clinton Follies – Episode #7904482

God I love making fun of Bill. He’s as much of a lying hypocrite and ass as Hillary, but this video compilation proves it. It’s not even a vast right wing conspiracy!

Bubba was on the campaign trail yesterday telling black folk that Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan is racist. Oh dear god, really?


But uh oh, it must only be racist of Trump says it…..


C’mon Bill, give us more fodder. We do love to laugh at you. Note I didn’t say we love to laugh WITH you.

7 thoughts on “The Bill Clinton Follies – Episode #7904482

  1. Bill may be an ass but Obama is an ass****. There’s a video in this news post of Obama complaining about America or Americans 18 times while he was overseas on Asia. How can he dare do this and still have the nerve to wear an American flag lapel pin? Hillary will be another Obama regime. She has to be defeated.

      1. He gets away with everything. Media is glued to Trump.
        Not only this money to Iran, but GITMO detainees being released left and right, stupid and meaningless sanctions to North Korea… He’s scary as shit and loves being able to change USA.

        1. I’m sorry, but, where are the Republicans or Independents? The president can loot the treasury and no one is about to prevent it? This country is further down the hole than I thought.

        2. The Rs are the doormats. The Independents? There aren’t any in the senate. There are a couple in congress who identify as Indies but that’s as funny as me identifying as a size 2.
          If you are just coming to the conclusion that this country is far down the hole, the California sun has gotten to you. Our country is very close to an irreversible hell.

        3. Hillary spoke in a measured presidential tone tonight spouting national security expertise. Only problem: she wants to fix what she could have but didn’t as Secretary of State. But now she can? Liar.

          Trump dug himself a big old Putin hole. He’s going to need a big shovel to get out of this mess.

          Johnson didn’t know what Aleppo was. That leaves me voting for Dawg.

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