The only two letters mom did see: N-O

Oops. Mom did not pass the eye exam for her renewal.

She’s steamed!!!!!! Further, she blamed the old cranky lady behind the desk and said the dopey goggle-like thing she had to look into to see the letters was dirty. 

They suggested she get glasses and come back. 😁

I predict I’ll be back here sooner than later. Aaah, perhaps this is a good thing???!

4 thoughts on “The only two letters mom did see: N-O

  1. I bet she was steamed. Is there another location for license renewals she might try? In my state some are known to be a tad better than others for the mature driver. Ask around.

    1. Ha! I’m not sure how all this will play out. Mom is going to the eye doctor as soon as she can get an appointment and vows to go back for a retake.
      This isn’t just about failing the eye exam. This is more about my mother’s strong personality and that at her age she is a dynamo. She knows one day she’ll have to stop driving but she is not mentally prepared for that day to be now. Does that make sense?

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