A Cute Mom Story

I’m going down to Wilmington tomorrow to take my mother to the Delaware DMV to renew her licence plates and renew her driver’s license at age 98!

In speaking with her this morning, she was dashing out the door, in a hurry, to get the car washed (because she can’t have a dirty car in line for inspection I guess?) and here is the cute part, then she was running to the Jaguar dealer to ask them where the odometer is so she can read the mileage. 🙂 She said the odometer is nowhere in sight and she’s sure they will ask the mileage at inspection tomorrow.


I said, mom, it should be right in front of you. She was (more than) slightly irritated at me for intimated it was right there and she couldn’t see it, so she dug in her heels and said, well, I asked my neighbor and he couldn’t see it either.

Not one to like to ruffle my mom’s feathers, I said fine, go to the Jaguar dealer. They adore her there anyway and are so kind that I am sure they won’t make her feel badly that she can’t find the mileage. After all, even on my own Audi, one touch of a button and the dash screens change and poof, lots of indicators are missing. So maybe that’s what happened and she really CAN’T see the mileage.

End of cute mom story.

PS: The weather has taken a drastic yucky turn. Very still and humid air. Thick, enough that I am even contemplating turning the a/c back on. Not sure but thinking.

THURSDAY UPDATE: The dealer told mom he pushed a button to make the odometer visible. I don’t know if that’s true but in any event it is indeed visible and her car passed the drive-through inspection. She’s now inside the DMV in line to renew her license. Here’s the takeaway: she refused to let me go inside with her. I was told to stay in the car that she could and would renew her license all by herself. So there!! 


6 thoughts on “A Cute Mom Story

  1. Now that IS cute. My car dash is all digital so I know the feeling of not seeing something that you are used to. Good luck tomorrow. Will she get her driver’s license without problem?

  2. Funny, I thought the Jaguar XKE still had analog output? Your mother has a car like that other Fountain blogger (can’t recall his name right now)?

    1. Mom has a Jaguar sedan. I can’t remember the model. The X? I’ll see tomorrow. Not the fanciest one but she loves the size which suits her petite frame.

  3. Hope you’ll give us an update on the location. Our new car is so different from the old car and yes you have to push buttons to see speedometer, how many miles left in the tank and it’s all so different. The wiper button is on the other side of the column– pushing where it used to be takes the car out of gear! Yikes done that scared myself.

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