More than $2.00. Less than $186 million.

Seven ($7.00) bucks to be exact. For three consecutive numbers.



What’s a bummer is that had I played some of my favorite numbers rather than going quick pick, it would have included 11,22 and 21. Then again, I would never have selected 50, 59, or 67.

I’ll still take $7.00 over my usual zero.

Bonus gorgeous day. So gorgeous I can barely stand it. Sunshine. Perfect temps. Breeze. Hermine never showed her face. Adios amigo.

Clouds over RI waters. The Vineyard is getting some residual wind and surf. Nantucket more. But so much for the forecasters screaming watch out watch out.

Speaking of screaming, I’m getting screaming sick over Hillary’s new plane, based here at Westchester County Airport. Subtle. Tell me why she needed a 737? Because Trump has one?


The hysterical memes about the plane are already out there – one has the plane emblazoned with Broomstick One and another says Brought to you by DOJ and FBI. But no matter how fancy the plane, and how the media gets to be with her on the plane and ask her how her weekend was (tough questions!), she still doesn’t seem healthy to me. This today, from Ohio.

Hope you all had a good day off from work. Hot dogs. Burgers. Beer. Or even curled up with a good book. Anyway is a good way to celebrate the hard working men and women who keep this country strong.

12 thoughts on “More than $2.00. Less than $186 million.

    1. I heard The O man add his two cents to Kaepernick. The question isn’t if the protest is Constitutional. It is. The question posed to O should have added some context – like what good will it do for K to protest on the football field? The question was a set up, clearly.
      I’m seeing this trip for O wasn’t all a bed of roses. The Chinese gave him all sorts of flack. The President of the Philippines Duterte said his mother wore Army boots, and he and Putin got in a Newmannnnn, Jerry eye lock match.
      Isn’t Obama supposed to be home anyway, vigorously campaigning with Hillary? What happened to that plan?

        1. Ya know, that got so little coverage, even I almost missed it. It’s the same mentality that Reuters had pulling the plug on Trump’s Detroit meeting. The media does not want people seeing Trump do anything good.

  1. After weeks of beautiful but boring sunny, summer days people are pretty happy to see some weather.
    High tide isn’t all that high this week so coastal flooding and erosion won’t be a concern. Nice to see decent sized waves breaking on and off shore for a change.
    A nearby town has an active fishing fleet and all its boats were tied up at the town pier. My town has lobster boats and they’ve been moored in the harbor since yesterday.
    Not much wind and only a trickle of rain so far. It remains to be seen what we get on the east facing coast. I’m betting there won’t be anything to speak of.

  2. Our yacht club sent an advisory the other day to remove kayaks, optis and paddle boards from the docks and any loose stuff on boats in slips. I drove by this afternoon and it looks like that email message went astray. Business as usual except nobody was out sailing.
    A few miles up the coast I noted a mooring got loose. No sign of the boat which used to be attached.
    Not much of a weather event so far. Even the rain forecast is minimal.

  3. NBC chalked the cough up to pollen in the area. That’s hilarious.

    Who paid for the plane? Soros? George Clooney? It’s completely unnecessary and makes her look less for the little folk she always says she’s fighting for.

    1. Pollen? Really? They said that? I’m laughing out loud!!

      I’ve never heard any “reporter” ask who paid for the plane. PAC money aka Soros, for sure.

  4. The US news outlets are reporting Duterte’s comment as son of a bitch not what was originally reported by the overseas bureaus, son of a whore.

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