Bacon: What You See is Not Remotely What You get

Who doesn’t love bacon??? Bacon and eggs. Bacon and pancakes. Bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches. Bacon on salad. Bacon straight up.


You pick up packs at the store – check for how much meat-fat ratio there is, go with what looks the best. Smoked bacon is yummy, real smoked helps but that’s a blog for another day because not all smoked bacon actually is smoked bacon.

Anyway, I picked what I thought was a reasonable slab of bacon. Not the most expensive brand but I don’t usually buy the most expensive unless it’s for Christmas morning or a big family gathering, or where bacon is the prime ingredient, like a BLT.

I’m not the first genius to note this, but the packaging is all a ruse. Brands layer the slices so close together that it looks like there is real meat on the strips.

Look again….I’d call these 98% fat to 2% meat.Where’s the pork???

And by the time the strips are cooked, the fat shrivels up so much, the strips are Lilliputian size.

Still edible mind you. Bacon is one of God’s best creations, so good that I should know better than to only fry up four slices for two peeps when the cook may or may not eat one or more as it sits on paper towels to drain. I report. You decide. Anyone have a favorite brand of bacon that actually HAS meat on it??

In other news, I’m reading that the Midwest had an earthquake and that CNN has determined there’s nothing to the FBI document release. Aaah, CNN, Hillary’s number one supporter.

Cloudy dreary day but cool. Last night, one of the first nights in ages it was cool enough to turn off all the a/c and open the windows open but what happened? No sooner was I about to jump under the covers when Dawg leaped up from her bed and ran to the back door. Then it hit me. A huge waft of skunk came in the bedroom. So potent the skunk must have sprayed right under the bedroom windows. Who knows what triggered the spray but I got up and closed off Dawg’s doggie door because there was no way at midnight I was going to be showering with Dawg to remove her of skunk smell. She came back into the bedroom after ten or so minutes of circling the house sniffing, realizing I wasn’t going to let her out, she plopped down and fell asleep. So did I.

Happy Saturday one and all.

16 thoughts on “Bacon: What You See is Not Remotely What You get

  1. We are on our way out to do errands. Oh the fun!😜

    But, I have some good bacon tips. Number one tip: bake it in the oven on parchment!

    And my favorite kinds are uncured, humane bacon from Costco and Trader Joes uncured applewood smoked. At Christmas, it gets wrapped around a date. My mom used to sprinkle it with maple or brown sugar before roasting and that made bacon candy that was unreal. I cannot bring myself to do it, though🙀

    1. Errands on Labor Day weekend. I’ll be interested to hear if places are empty or packed. Check back in.

      I DO bake my bacon when I cook an entire slab, for holidays or gatherings but when it’s just four strips, I don’t bother. Too much trouble. Agree that baked bacon is delicious.

      You’ll have to explain to me what uncured bacon is. I’ve seen it at the stores, looked, wondered why I would choose it. Are you saying uncured bacon is humane?

      Bacon around anything is good. Scallops is my favorite. But dates too. Yum.

      Have a successful errand outing.

  2. Ditto to Martha’s choice of Kirkland bacon at Costco. It’s surprising what good meats Costco has. A++.

    No comment on the Hillary story. It’ll never end in an indictment so I turn away rather than stressing out about the unfairness of it all.

    My sister is in Kansas City and felt the quake. No damage but she forwarded me this tweet that has gone viral today. 🙂

    1. I think Martha was saying NOT to buy Kirkland brand. Not sure though, re-reading her comment.

      HYSTERICAL tweet. I can see why it’s going viral. Some people are so clever at creating quick memes.

  3. Kirkland is good, but I like the uncured one better. Uncured means they didn’t use any nitrates or nitrates (man made versions) to preserve it. Usually just salt and / or celery juice.

    I don’t think I’ve ever cooked a partial package of bacon in my life😀 Kudos to you for only making four pieces!

  4. Kirkland (Costco) Hormel fully-cooked bacon. Lay it on paper towel in microwave 1/2 minute. Minimal shrinkage. Delicious! Store in freezer, pull out number of strips needed from resealable package. No mess, no fuss. Bibi

    1. Alas, I gave up my Costco membership long ago. Went there (the one in PortChester) maybe twice and each time left thinking Costco wasn’t for me.
      1. My house is too small for buying in bulk
      2. The store is too crowded

      I know I’m in the minority. Most people adore Costco. So I’ll have to trust you and Martha that Kirkland bacon is good.

  5. I love Costco. Its prime steaks alone are worth the price of a membership. We shop there fairly often considering the nearest one is 25 miles away.

    1. I wish I could share in your Costco enthusiasm. I guess I need an attitude adjustment. The only Costco I really liked was in Vail, out by the airport. Maybe I need to try one other than Port Chester. Danbury?

  6. I prefer Stew Leonard’s to Costco but I do use Costco for their steaks. Swanton is right.

    I go to Norwalk to get both Stew’s and Costco. There’s Yonkers for both too, although the parking there is crazy.

    1. I like Stew’s too but I feel a bit like a kid in line at a Disney ride circling through Stew’s. It’s disorienting, especially if you missed or forgot something way back in segment A.
      It takes me the same amount of time to get to Norwalk as it does to Yonkers. All things equal, I prefer Norwalk. I used to always to to the Stew’s in Danbury but it’s such a crap shoot drive on 684 north and 84 east. Always backups and accidents.

  7. It takes a certain mindset to shop at Costco. It makes sense for me to buy products which I know I am going to use even if it means buying a large quantity at one time. Plastic wrap, aluminum foil, paper towels, toilet paper, dish detergent, Windex are some of the things I have on hand. Every Costco will carry that stuff.
    However, that’s not the fun part of shopping there which is finding high quality stuff at very attractive prices, like prime steaks, lump crabmeat, imported cheeses. For those, you probably want to hit a large Costco close to a high rent district.

    1. And that’s why the one in Vail was incredible!! I’ve never seen such high quality stuff. I know Port Chester backs up to Greenwich but I didn’t see very many high quality things.

  8. Fairfield county (and Port Chester ) Costco’s are about the worst ones I’ve ever been in. Affluent Detroit suburbs and Miami, among others, are miles better. Prime cap steaks are amazing for $20/lb.

    They also have amazing cheeses foe very low prices.

    Errands were not particularly stressful–library was closed, dumping batteries at the recycling station was easy and I don’t think the stores my husband went in were too busy.

    We are going to Philly for a few days on Monday. My sons has been begging to go back to Longwood gardens, and since it’s a holiday, hubby can join. Planning to check out the mushroom man, too👍

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