Sailing Sailing, Over the Ocean Green?


I’m a lousy sailor, a darn middle ear problem that makes me prone to being seasick. Cunard tells me that the Queen Mary 2 has hundreds of stabilizers – plus, our cabin is midship. I’ll be good to go and enjoy. Right?

I wasn’t a Girl Scout Leader for nuttin’ honey. I’m going prepared, indiscriminately buying one of everything on the CVS shelf.


However, hoping NOT to have to use any of the above, I’m trying a Mind Over Matter mantra, repeating daily….

I’ll be fine- It’s All in Your Head

I’ll be fine- It’s All in Your Head

I’ll be fine- It’s All in Your Head

I’ll be fine- It’s All in Your Head

And praying for seven nights of this…………..

img_0165 (1)

GORGEOUS day here. I mean spectacular. Temp was in the low 60s this morning. All the windows are flung wide open. Even a great breeze. I’m headed outside for most of the day but I’ll check in every once in a while.

If you are heading away for the long weekend, drive or fly safe and have fun. If you are home, I’m going to blog all weekend. I don’t promise weighty posts – just light fluff stuff, okay, and maybe political snark or two, but I’ll be here if you feel like popping in.


Earth Image sent in a video clip of Hermine, saying no worse here than any Florida afternoon squall.

23 thoughts on “Sailing Sailing, Over the Ocean Green?

  1. Have you heard from EarthImage since yesterday? Pinellas County got hard hit with lots of power outages reported. Hope he’s okay.

  2. Happy to report in saying that coastal Pinellas got hit with the rain I reported, but the surge (3 ft) and winds (40 mph) here were moderate yesterday, although still tropical storm force.

    A great source of weather truth (as opposed to hype) is:

    Cedar Key FL was particularly impressive:,+FL+&flag=0

    Waterfront stores had 3 ft of water in the shop.


    1. Thanks for checking in and for the links to information and photos.

      I get a kick out of watching the Weather Channel anchors holding on to sea wall railings with the surge piling over them. It must be part of their contract.

  3. Most of my friends and neighbors are home this weekend, getting the children ready for back to school. Haircuts, shoes, backpacks. My wife is really ready for back to school! 🙂

    Glad Mr. Image didn’t get blown away. The Weather Channel was disappointed that there aren’t millions without power or dead bodies.

    1. Thankfully, no deaths that I’ve heard reported but plenty of people without power.

      The Bedford school buses have been making practice runs in my neighborhood for the last three or four days which must make the kids going back pained, especially those who take the early bus that comes before 7am. Yawn. As a mom, I remember the joy of back to school.

    1. I’ve packed sleeves of Saltines already and am sure there will be plenty of ginger ale aboard ship. Saltines and ginger ale worked for my morning sickness and I note that many of the SeaBand products, the bands and the gum, are sold for use for morning sickness as well as sea sickness. Ginger is a magic ingredient.

    1. Just hearing this story and trying to get up to speed. Lots to absorb before I run a post on it. Catherine H. is one of the greats. No agenda. Solid reporting. Thanks for the link.

      1. Hey, don’t look at me for the answer to your question. The woman is as crooked as I don’t know what. But crooked.
        The D spinmeisters are in full “R conspiracy” mode. Not one D has said anything in this document is bad or even news worthy.

        I don’t get why the FBI released it. I heard someone say the Clinton camp wanted it out to prove she did nothing illegal. I don’t buy that. What say you?

        1. I say it’s Friday afternoon of the last weekend of summer. If you aren’t stuck in traffic, you’re waiting for those who are. You may be without power due to Hermine. You could be moving stuff indoors waiting for Hermine. There are tennis and golf tournaments. My point is, what better time to release the news.

  4. The three top rated comments in the NYT article on this topic are as predictable as you might imagine. Liberal denial. Blame the R’s. Jude lays it on thick, blaming all Republicans. The comment from Shelley takes the cake- she says the release was a good thing for Hillary. 🙂 I wonder if Hillary agrees with Shelley or if the writer is really Hillary.

    Andrew H New York 6 hours ago
    I’m a Clinton supporter. But this issue should have been dismissed a year ago with a very candid full description of the issue from Ms Clinton. Instead, it has been allowed to bleed on and on. Every chance she has been given to talk about it amounts to her revealing the very minimum she thinks people know already. Why give any substance to the mindless and disgusting Trump campaign?

    Jude Ryan Florida 6 hours ago
    The willingness of the Republican party to raise the email “scandal” to this level makes a mockery of all politics. I watched every minute of Clinton’s Benghazi testimony. Didn’t getting beaten about the head and shoulders teach Republicans anything? Having selected the worst and least qualified candidate in US history as its standard bearer, the party has stooped to any level possible to try to preserve its chances of electoral success. I ask Republicans, in the words of Joseph Welch, “At long last, have you no shame?”

    Shelley St. Louis 6 hours ago
    If anything, these documents are supportive of Clinton.

    For one, they answer several of the questions that Judicial Watch just submitted to Clinton, making is simpler to just point to this document and say, “Here you go.” In a legal sense, of course.

    There is no indication in the interview that she used her account for anything other than convenience. No different than what Powell did.

    She’s not a geek. That’s obvious. She doesn’t really want anything to do with technology. So it makes sense she’d want something simple and familiar.

    The new bits the documents provide is the discussion about classified material. Here we find the disconnect between the people in State and the intelligence community, with Clinton and others stating the material was not classified.

    In particular, Blumenthal sent material to Clinton that the State FOIA process found to be classified. Ah, Blumenthal found this information out from his own sources, not any State classified source. In multiple instances, he found the information from news sources.

    It’s time and past that the media stop beating this horse.

      1. I am convinced that every word in the linked article is 100000% correct. The Clinton PAC money is aimed at destroying whatever is in their way. They’ll buy votes. They’ll write copy. They’ll even convince the FBI not to indict. Oh wait…
        David Brock is the devil. Pure evil.
        Great article though. Thanks.

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