Meow. Low Post of the Year But Hey…


Catty, I know, especially from one aging women to another aging woman, but darn, Hillary looks awful lately.

The 2008 to 2016 comparison isn’t fair – who among us hasn’t changed in eight years, but if you look at pix of Hillary just as recently as her anointment at the Democratic convention, she looked more than pretty put together….she was radiant.


Fast forward to yesterday, her speech in Ohio before the American Legion members..


It’s the deep dark circles in her eyes, the bags, the pallor of her skin tone, the enormously baggy clothing – even her hair looks less clean and less pouffy.

My point? None. I repeat, Low post of the year. So shoot me.

PS: Anyone watch Trump’s immigration speech last night?

15 thoughts on “Meow. Low Post of the Year But Hey…

  1. We aging women all have good and bad look days but Hillary has had a couple of weeks of looking like near-death. Stress? God forbid anyone compare me to a 2008 photo.

    I saw Trump in Mexico. Great. I heard his speech. Not so great. He should have stopped while he was ahead. Story of his campaign. The WSJ is running a lead story on Trump’s ties with the mob. Your story about Hillary’s looks is high compared to the low blows the WSJ and NYT have lobbed over to Trump.

      1. Can’t disagree with either you or Jane. He should have stopped at the Mexican border. But I do give him credit for sticking his neck out. Love him or hate him, he’s not in hiding.

    1. Joe being Joe. Did I hear that he also said something untoward about the Clinton Foundation too?? Call me AJ, but I have a conspiracy theory that Joe WANTED to run for president. None if this “personal reasons”. Would he be trying to trip her up???? Hmmmmmm.

      1. Since she’s funding the party, I don’t think anyone else could take her place, plus all that Soros money might go elsewhere if she wasn’t top bulldog. Joe’s problem is that, in my opinion, nobody takes him seriously.

        Those #nevertrumpers worried about Trump? This is all we need (particularly coming from a woman that has zero respect for classified information):

        1. My mother is convinced (hoping, praying) that there will be a Wikileaks to end all Wikileaks that will undo Hillary. And Joe will ride in on a white donkey. Not that my mother would vote for Joe. It’s more that she can’t stomach Hillary.
          Soros is a commie crook.
          I’m still trying to figure out the Hillary On Message For Her account. I’m only as far as understanding it is a joke but I still don’t get the joke. Sigh.

      2. Given the pass that the media has given her regarding previous ‘indiscretions’, I am not sure what Wikileaks could produce that would result in another candidate taking her place. I had heard that whatever comes out may involve videos – which may have more sway for the mouth-breathers voting for her (who knows? maybe she pulled the trigger on poor Seth Rich in that DC alley?)
        After reading more of their tweets, I am pretty sure that Hillary PR Team is an equal opportunity parody account.

        1. I don’t get Wikileaks at all. What’s with the “tease” mode. Got it?? Release it.

          Videos – my first thought when you said that was eye bleach sex tapes. Did I really just say that???????????

          Trying to get enthused over pre-season football. I love football, just not this early. Giants-Patriots game a yawner so far.

        2. Yeah, I don’t get it either – if they have the info, release it. Yet, look at the stuff they’ve already released, the “pay to play” allegations would have already sunk a GOP candidate, but, Hilldawg keeps sailing along. It’s almost like we live in a parallel universe:

          I’ll have to turn in my man-card as I don’t follow football at all.

        3. I would hope that the strategy is to wait until October for maximum impact. With the current state of the electorate, they have short memories and attention spans. I also find the vilification of Wikileaks and Edward Snowden troubling. IMO, they expose(d) dirty laundry, not real state secrets. I hear that Oliver Stone’s Snowden movie, being released soon, is good.

          Of course, there is this from the always excellent Bill Whittle.

        4. Good point about American pea brains. Hadn’t thought about the leaks in those terms but hearing you say it makes sense to wait.

          Bill Whittle for President. The man is pure genius. Thanks for the link.

          Your new Florida digs in Hermine’s path?

        5. I think we did ok. Storm tracked north of Tampa and just dumped a lot of rain on Sarasota it seems. Though there was a video on of a Sarasota waterfront home under construction getting hammered pretty good. It can’t be mine (I hope!) since our hurricane rated glass is all supposedly installed, unlike the house in the video. We go down next week for status update, on-site visit, and finalizing odds and ends.

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