Earth Image – Our Very Own Weather Channel Anchor

Live, from Florida, it’s the latest on Tropical Storm Hermine….

Rain like this all day and all  night ahead. Local school weather station rain gauge now over 12 inches.


Stay safe out there EI. Keep us posted.

17 thoughts on “Earth Image – Our Very Own Weather Channel Anchor

    1. Thanks. Such a beautiful song. Sadly, 99.99999% young people don’t know the lyrics. I’d include my own children. They kinda know the words, but not really. I catch them mumbling here and there.

        1. My mother-in-law knew every verse of every hymn, military song, and anthem. She had a near photographic memory. Sitting next to her in a church pew when the rest of us had our hymnals open, she was singing her heart out needed no cue. She was brilliant.

  1. My mother in law, also. She had Alzheimer’s & couldn’t have told you her address but she knew all the words to all the hymns.

    1. Aaah, they say song lyrics is the one thing Alzheimer’s patients never forget. It’s magical and sad at the same time. A friend of my mother’s plays the piano and sings every 1940s tune but like your MIL, hasn’t a clue who she is or what day it is. I’ve been reading there’s new hope in Alzheimer’s research. Wouldn’t that be amazing!?

      1. Greenwich Hospital magazine has a blurb that they are participating in clinical trial for diagnosing Alzheimer’s and dementia. About $50,000 worth if testing for free. They will determine if you actually have the plaques and tangles in your brain. If so, you enter the trial.
        If not, you can breathe easy and continue to wonder where those keys are.

        1. I wouldn’t want to know if Alzheimer’s is going to riddle my brain. I think it would unduly depress me. I realize the benefits of the testing but I don’t have the internal strength to be told if it’s in my future.

        2. I can see your side, but if I had Alzheimer’s or cancer, I would seek every means to be cured or increase a quality lengthening of life.

        3. If there was a cure or early preventative measures to fend off Alzheimer’s, I’d sign up for the trial. Cancer is a whole different ball of wax. I would definitely be proactive there. Also not sure how to handle the knowledge if I were to find out that I have the Alzheimer’s plaques. Would I tell family? Children? Would I keep it to myself?

        4. The trial is for preventative/curative/reversal. I think a phase 3 trial, meaning successful 2 times. I believe Novartis. But you must have early signs of Alz/dementia to qualify.
          This is very great news. Of course it will work for some, not for others.

  2. Slightly O/T here, but there are claims that medical marijuana can dissolve the Alzheimer plaques.

    I truly believe that “the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations”
    Revelation 22:2.

    While we squander forever the value of anti-biotics by feeding them to livestock, we also fail to exploit the legitimate value of the medicinal pharmacopoeia yet to be discovered in the rain forests and desserts.

    Coca-leaf tea is offered free to guests in the lobby of all the high-class hotels in La Paz when they check-in. It is a good beginning, believe me.

    1. I believe patients should have the right to try anything if it helps. Medical marijuana does so much already for cancer patients. I’m not surprised by the claim that it can dissolve plaques. Agree completely about what cures are out there in the rain forests etc. No doubt.

      Do doctors know what causes the plaques?

      The tea. :-).

  3. If you follow the money on this one, the alcohol and Big Pharma sectors have the most to lose on FDA allowing such experimental work to move forward.

    One married couple, both medical researchers of brain function, together held all the patents on Alzheimer drugs until a few years ago. We have a long way to go on preventing this terrible ailment.

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