Ceiling Fans: Love. Hate. Love. Hate. Love. Hate.

In the previous iteration of the master bedroom there was an ugly ass white generic Home Depot ceiling fan, not right over the bed, but in the middle of the room where the fan breeze could gently cascade over the bed without being right ON you. It had a remote control and a speed adjuster. All to the good. I do love circulating air.

But fans are such a nuisance to keep clean and really really really ruin the look of a room, especially a master bedroom and I swore that in the renovation, with a whole clean sleek lines and everything new, I would not entertain the idea of another ceiling fan. Never.

Ours never got quite THIS dusty, but it did collect flying pet hairs and general house dust, a pain to clean, even with one of the specialized fan blade cleaners.

Mr. EOS kept saying, have the electrician create a box for one, just in case you change your mind. Change my mind, ha, me? Never. So I did NOT have a ceiling fan electric box made and guess what???? Now I miss having a fan, surprise surprise. A woman who changed her mind. Shocking.

I’ve come close to rigging something like this up to satisfy my need for overhead air – like what could go wrong?

But then I saw on a House Hunters episode, a Bladeless Ceiling fan by Exhale. Totally cool looking. And in some photos, totally unattractive, like a space ship, and very large proportionate to the room.

Doesn’t this fan look enormous for the room size?

Here it looks like a stack of Chinet paper plates up on the ceiling.

The Exhale website says they are all sold out of this production run, so that means people like them enough to order them, but I’d like to see one in person, in a room. Anyone know someone who has one? It’s too tough to make a decision to buy one based on a video.

Of course, if I succumb and decide I do want a ceiling fan after all, it’ll mean opening the ceiling and making some mess in the new master bedroom. It’s a tough decision. Air? Repair? Air? Repair?

Generally, master bedrooms with ceiling fans, no matter how pretty the other parts of the room are, just don’t look right to my eye.

This one works visually I think..

This is No

This one makes the least sense to me – a huge ceiling fan next to a big sliding glass door.

Don’t jump on the bed kids….yikes, this one is huge and right over the bed.

I think fans work the best when they fade into the ceiling – unnoticed. This works

Where ceiling fans are gorgeous and well suited are outside spaces – large verandas or screened in porches…..

Yes please.
outdoor ceiling fans3

This is a clever approach – air without traditional ceiling fans. Not bad.

And then there’s the whole really big fan theory….

And the tropical look…

Bottom line, now that summer is about over and I can open all the bedroom windows at night for that cool breeze I crave, my need to install a ceiling fan can be postponed until 2017. What’s funny is I didn’t grow up with any ceiling fans. I didn’t have one anywhere in any house until this house and my recollection is that one was already in place when we moved in and we “upgraded” it to an ugly white generic thing. But what happened is I got hooked. Hooked on the air overhead, to the point that I’d have the fan on 12 months a year. Trying to wean myself of it is as hard as weaning from HGTV or watching for the 100th time any original Law and Order episode.  Uh oh. I have a problem.

25 thoughts on “Ceiling Fans: Love. Hate. Love. Hate. Love. Hate.

  1. Love. Living in Florida, they are a necessity, not a luxury. Couldn’t live without them, OR the original Law & Order either.

  2. Hate them. Spreads more dust than fresh air and with all my allergies, it’s better to swelter than sneeze.

    The exhale fan was Shark Tank winner? I’ve seen it somewhere before. Looks way too big for the rooms shown. Pass.

      1. Yes.
        Integral? No, but around here, air conditioning is not really required (nice to have occasionally), so, a fan is a nice assist to keep the air moving.

        1. People either love or hate a/c. My sister falls into the hate category. I can think of only one day this summer she said she was turning her air on and that was only because her granddaughters were spending the night and they like air. Funny. I’m from the spoiled brat love my air society. #climatechangedenier

  3. I love ceiling fans, have had them for years. In NH there wasn’t much need for central air and ceiling fans were a great solution for the occasional very hot day. Since we didn’t spend summers in town we never bothered to install central air. Bedroom ceiling fan worked very nicely when called on.
    Here, we have three zones for A/C but unless it is miserably hot the bedroom ceiling fan is enough to stir the air and windows can be left open.
    We have a ceiling fan on our screen porch.
    Still no rain. It’s cloudy and we have our hopes up. More restrictions on water use go into play tomorrow.

    1. A/c and ceiling fans are under discussion for the RI carriage house. A/c is one of those things that when its so humid the sheets are sticky, it’s time for a/c. 350 days a year either a fan or fine ocean breezes.

  4. we finally put a ceiling fan in the master bedroom this year. Should have done it years ago. Hubby hates a/c and wants the window open whatever the temp – fan is my lifesaver.

    1. Most couples I know have one in the yes camp and one in the no.
      Was it hard to install the fan or did you take an existing overhead light to create the box from which to hang the fan?

        1. Lucky. And that’s the problem for me. In the brand new master bedroom all perfectly painted and trucked out, the electrician would have to do damage. I’m not sure I can deal with that. I may go with stringing a box fan to the stripper pile! 🙂

  5. We put one in our master a couple of years ago….right over the bed, too😳 I think we got to liking it in Florida. Although we still rock the a/c and rarely open windows. Maybe in the dead of winter. There is some weird design flaw in our master bed/bath that I cannot identify. We have 9(!!!) windows in the bedroom and a bank of three in the bathroom, facing every direction except east. And, unless it is quite cool (under 62) and breezy NO air flows into our room, the temp will actually increase due to the presence of human bodies. All the other bedrooms get cross ventilation somehow….cool air is sucked in through cracked Windows. We thought the fan would help draw in fresh air, but it just circulates. Cannot figure it out.

    Now, over the weekend, some friends gave us a huge (72″) fan and I guess I’m going to spend the $400 to hang it in our office/play area…but it is mighty large.

    1. 72″ fan???? Holy cow. Hope you have high ceilings! $400 seems reasonable to me for installment.

      Bummer about the air circulation in the bedroom. Especially with all those windows!!!

      1. They are 10′. Is that too low? It really should go in front of the fireplace. 24′ here, but that would involve cutting and wiring. The office has a blank in ceiling wired to a switch. Or, I should swap it with my bedroom one, which is 60″. Ceilings are 11′ there. Hubs will not like that proposal 🤑

        1. 10′ ceilings are dreamy. Sounds like you’ve chosen the perfect place. I’ve always lived in old houses with low ceilings. On my life bucket list is to have a house with giant ceilings.

  6. I hadn’t given much thought to a/c in this house until the architect included it in the plans. Although we seldom turn it on, without fail whenever we have overnight guests or a dinner party in the summer the temperature climbs into the 90’s.
    So, I think adding a/c to the carriage house is a good idea.

    1. We have good friends here in Bedford who years ago gut renovated a spectacular antique house. Million+ in redo but they made a fatal mistake in not adding central air. They didn’t want it. But when they went to sell it at $4.7m+, no one wanted it without air!! It sat and sat unsold even when they reduced price to low $3 something. Lesson learned.

  7. We did a lot of renovating to the Boston house. We didn’t add a/c but should have for that very reason.
    I may have mentioned my surprise at the cost of using central a/c. Hardly made a blip in the electric bill whereas those in wall and window units cost a pretty penny as soon as they were turned on.

  8. I was referring to the RI carriage house. Add central air there. Don’t turn on the old ones in Bedford.
    Let’s address the issue next year. Odds are good there won’t be a horrible heat wave again this season.

  9. I’ve lived in the South for 20 plus yrs. now so LOVE them. My favorite was installed in the master bath. 10′ ceilings all over & it was the greatest feeling to get out of the shower & not immediately turn into a ball of dripping cotton. If I ever build another house I’d put them in all the baths.

    1. Huh, in a bathroom? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one there and it would never occur to me to install one but your logic is sound so hey, two points for originality.

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