Rick, Rick, Rick. Say it Ain’t so. Please.

Texas Governor Perry answers question about indictment in Texas on two felony counts of abuse of power during appearance at business leaders luncheon in Portsmouth
I have no idea why I said yes, to anything I’ve ever done

The new season of Dancing with the Stars was announced today on Good Morning America (no, I did not nor would I ever watch GMA, but am seeing feeds on social media), and one of the Stars, and I use that term very loosely, is former Governor and former Presidential candidate Rick Perry. Say what Rick???

I can understand former other things, like former athletes or former TV stars, but a former governor and presidential candidate?

Here’s my prediction: Perry will be eliminated from Dancing with the Stars as quickly as he was in both presidential races in which he vied. Round one.

Here are the other Stars (again, I use that term loosely). How many of these Stars do you know????

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte
Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez
Former “Brady Bunch” star Maureen McCormick
Talk show host Amber Rose
“Little Women: LA” reality star Terra Jole
Former “Taxi” star Marilu Henner
Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry
Former child star Jake T. Austin
Former pro football player Calvin Johnson
Super producer and recording artist Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds
Former rapper Vanilla Ice
Race car driver James Hinchcliffe
Country singer Jana Kramer

I have never heard of Amber Rose (sounds like a stripper name to me), don’t know Terra Jole, Jake Austin, James Hinchcliffe nor Jana Kramer. I’ve heard the name Babyface Edmonds but could not pick him out of a line up.

Lochte in this too, what, for the PR factor? After his bozo behavior in Rio? Lying Liarson? I wouldn’t want to be HIS partner if I were one of the professional dancers these celebs are paired with.

The only hope I have for ever watching DWTS is NEXT year, when Hillary has nothing left to do, and she is signed up. I mean, we all know she can dance, right??

Warning: Looking at photo may cause fits…. of laughter! 

5 thoughts on “Rick, Rick, Rick. Say it Ain’t so. Please.

  1. The Hillary and Bill I Love You photo is Clinton Gold. They were a sham from way back and this picture proves what lengths they will go to to make the public think they are a happily married couple. Blech.

    Rick Perry might add some levity to DWTS. I love watching the show although it’s always the Olympian who wins but with two Olympians this year, I’m going with the gymnast, not Lochte.

  2. APRIL 27, 2012, 3:02 AM|Mary Lou Henner is one of 12 people in the world with Highly-Superior Autobiographical Memory, which enables her to remember almost everything she has experienced in her life. She stopped by “CBS This Morning” to talk about her gift — and her new book to help people remember things.
    She just wrote a book about how she saved her husband from cancer with science and nutrition. Can never fault someone for a healthy lifestyle. I remember her saying that she had a cheese face until giving up dairy!

    1. I’ve seen MaryLou talk about her rare ability to remember everything. I’m not sure I’d want that, especially recalling so many dumb things I’ve done.

      She’s always looked healthy to me. I couldn’t give up milk in my coffee or butter on my toast. More power to her though.

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