Funny How something so small can evoke such large memories


Used over the weekend to make a pitcher of PIMMS, as I was washing, drying, and putting it away, the the glass stirrer clinked up against the base of the glass pitcher and all of a sudden I was a teenager again, hearing the same clinking sound made by my father as he prepared a pitcher of martini’s.

It’s the same pitcher and stirrer too, the stirrer one of my favorite belongings ever. So very Mad Men.

My folks entertained all the time – big cocktail and dinner parties, the house was always full of friends and neighbors, talking about golf, laughing, and drinking too.

I also remember as if it were yesterday when I saw this pitcher in the fridge and thought it was water. I guzzled. It was not water! I was maybe 13. 🙂

I think more people say smells and or music bring back the most vivid memories but man, the sound of the clinking was powerful and brought me straight back to the early 1960s. Funny how that happens. Clink clink.


10 thoughts on “Funny How something so small can evoke such large memories

  1. My grandfather had a collection of glass cocktail stirrers but they all had themes. One pair had pigs on the top. One had Xmas trees. They are all long gone unfortunately but I can relate to that clinking sound. Cheers.

  2. Yes, we had one of those at the Easthampton house.

    For Beefeater in the Winter, Gilbey’s in the Summer.

    Do you have the cheese fondue pot too?

    1. I DO have a cheese fondue pot but not the one I had back in the 60s and 70s. Believe it or not, I bought a new fondue set just a couple of years ago. Used it once. Don’t know what I was thinking to buy one now. Oh well.

      1. We have cheese fondue at least once a year, usually nye. 🎉 Someone gave us a double boiler fondue set for our wedding, but I inherited my mothers, which are glazed stoneware, and they are so much better. You don’t get burnt, crisped bits of cheese in a double boiler. 🧀

        1. Martha, living in Switzerland a few years, I OD’d on fondue and raclette. It took me a LONG time after that to even consider making fondue, even though our recipe was from the little lady down the street – the right cheese mix and a little booze in it. But that heavy pit in the stomach when done, a brick of cheese sitting in the intestinal tract – not for me too often.

          That said, the last time we made it, and the reason we bought the new set, was New Year’s Eve. Great minds think alike.

  3. Alcohol was always a part of celebration and good friendship. I was the chief muffler for whiskey sours. Also the head air pocket piercer for homemade sausage.

    Now, alchohol, especially in the form of wine or beer, is an everyday event

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