Monday miscellany 

The world seems to be on vacation. I’ve got nothing earth shattering to blog about. Beyoncé wore something bizarre at the VMAs last night. So for lack of anything better, herewith a gaggle of non-sequitur pix. 

I’ll make this an open thread – talk about whatever you want. Vacation plans. Kids back to school. Politics. Sports. Life. 

Monday quiz: what’s wrong with this poster?

Such a deal!!

James Woods always gets it right.

Dawg loves to bake in the sun!

Happy Monday one and all. 

26 thoughts on “Monday miscellany 

    1. Soooooo true. Bedford is a ghost town. I could park sideways and backwards taking two spots and no one would care or notice.

      I’m waiting for the weather to change. This humidity is for the birds, literally. Bring me cool autumn breezes. And no more central a/c.

  1. ‘Fewer’ absences. Not ‘less’.

    Love the Dawg sun bathing pose. Do dogs get sun burn? Asking for a yellow lab.

    Slow in Greenwich too.

    1. Bingo re the grammar error. Doesn’t bode well for the students in that school if the admin gets a simple sign wrong.

      Here’s my go-to for grammar help. Here she explains when to use fewer and when to use less. All I know is that less is more.

      Grammar Girl

    1. We have a ramp for the car but at home she’s only allowed on one piece of furniture, the long end of a sofa on which I keep a doggie fleece to catch the dog hair. I have FIVE, yes 5, dog beds scattered around the house. She uses each one at different times of day, depending on where the sun is. She’d never ever jump on a sofa.

      But I could use those Up stairs. One of the most recent hotels I stayed in the bed was so high I literally couldn’t get up and in without going at a running start!

        1. If I answer, I may come down with Clinton Sudden Death Syndrome. Here’s another house coat pic where she is headed to the handicap van:

        2. Yikes, be careful. That CSDS is serious, and highly contagious.

          Someone tweeted a close up that hideous coat next to a Rand McNally road map. The resemblance was incredible.

          Did you finish your taxes???

      1. She’s getting a beating on social media for suggesting she’ll go to either Canada or Australia. Why not Mexico or Africa or the Middle East or Israel?

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