Can This marriage Be Saved?

And Live Happily Ever After?

The couple in the photo, in case you live under a rock, is Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner. He of sexting fame, she being Hillary’s right arm, leg, and whatever….

She announced their separation today, in the typical media-speak, asking for privacy at this difficult time. 

Sooooooooooooooooo, 99% of the pundits are saying what took her so long, why would she be with him in the first place?

Me, I want to know one thing: whose idea was the separation? My gut tells me it came from Hillary. Hillary has seen Weiner as a distraction from her campaign efforts. Period.

I honestly think Huma loves Anthony – sure, he may be a whackadoodle, but hey, who are we to judge what people see in each other and what makes marriage work?

If Huma had been bothered by the sexting, she wouldn’t have waited this long to leave him, furthering my point that this isn’t HER idea to publicize a separation – it’s s suggestion from Hillary.

I’d feel more empathy for Huma if she made a statement today that she was going to see that Anthony would get help and that she’d see him through getting help before making any decision about ending the marriage.

I repeat, this is why I am SURE the decision came through Hillary’s camp and not Huma’s heart.

Huma is on the road what, 300 days a year with Hillary? She seems to be at Hillary’s beck and call, for everything from making excuses for her to making her tea. A very highly paid personal assistant, with security clearance! 🙂

Anthony seems to be the child’s primary caregiver, the stay-at-home dad. Huma is never seen with her child on the road so maybe the couple’s arrangement is that she earn the wage and he brings up baby. That works for many families today. I see nothing wrong with it but perhaps Anthony found it emasculating, enough that he looked for other avenues for pleasure, sexting.

I’m rambling but long story short – I don’t think this marriage is over. There may be a public statement now but that’s it. Public relations 101, Hillary Clinton-style.

Who agrees? Who disagrees?

It begs the follow-up question if they do get divorced: who gets custody? The woman who never seems to be home or the sexter?

17 thoughts on “Can This marriage Be Saved?

    1. I’m not sure. While that makes sense and sounds logical, their life together seems far from logical. The truer indication of if your point is true is if she files for an immediate emergency sole custody or removes the child from the home. That would make more sense to me than announcing a separation. What good will a separation do if he’s still the primary parent caregiver?

  1. Agree. This decision to announce the separation had to have come from Hillary’s camp. Huma and Anthony have some connection, far be it for us to decide what they find right or wrong. He’s creepy but maybe she is too.

    1. That’s part of my point Cobra. Huma had to be humiliated for years over Anthony’s actions and resulting headlines. He was the butt of every joke. So, why leave him now? It could be what Broad Streeter says. I’m not convinced.

      1. I didn’t even notice the extra apostrophe until you pointed it out. No big deal. But to make you feel better, of course it is a vast left wing conspiracy.

  2. She doesn’t look like a happy bride in her wedding photo – look at the expression on her face. It says a lot of things —-

    1. That’s true. I wonder if it was a marriage of convenience to begin with or some agreement because she wanted a child? We’ll never know.

  3. If you think about it, this was truly the odd couple from the beginning. A Muslim and a Jew. Not that there is anything wrong with either, but does anyone else know a Muslim person (particularly with her resume/background) married to a Jewish person? Not me. Lots and lots of baggage there.

    I agree that it must be Hillary who said stop this distraction that reflects on and impacts me. It is plausible that given Huma works and travels 24/7, Weiner would look elsewhere for sex. However, sending provocative selfies to total strangers, particularly when you and your wife are public figures, speaks to insanity, or total cluelessness and self adsorption. All qualities found in career politicians.

    If we never hear from any of these people again, which I know is wishful thinking, that would be great.

    1. I don’t think there was ever a doubt that Anthony was clueless, self-absorbed and insane. Huma had to know that when she married him. Strange indeed. With the news today the a federal judge ruled the Clinton camp needs to release Huma emails. It won’t happen but still I do think Huma played a huge role.

  4. There’s gotta be something that works between the two of them. I thought she glommed onto him as an entree into high Dem politics, but, she stayed after his downfall.

    If he wasn’t so despicable, I’d feel a little sorry for him:

    1. Totally agree that there’s something that works for those two. Otherwise they wouldn’t have lasted so long.

      Two thoughts on your link:

      =Showtime wasted $ to produce a documentary on Weiner?
      =Thinking who actually would watch said documentary?

      1. I think this was a feature length documentary on his attempted redemption and run for NYC mayor. It played briefly in art house theaters, before everyone figured out he really is a total scumbag . I think was subjected to a preview of this movie once. I would rather sit through a root canal than this.

        1. I have a theory about movie previews. The longer they are the more the studio knows what a stinker it is. I sat through six previews recently and saw only one that would entice me.

          As for watching the Weiner flick, there’s as much chance of that happening as there is me seeing the Barack and Michelle first date movie.

  5. Just looking up Muslim law, it seems to say that Muslim woman are forbidden to marry non-Muslim man. So, what does that make Huma? What is the Muslim equivalent to excommunicated?
    She has to be a real target for ISIS since these exploits are all over the news.

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