So, If You had to Choose for me….

Which blueberry recipe should I make for a family big breakfast buffet Sunday? The whole hungry gang will be here.

Very Blueberry scones?


Or Blueberry Crumb cake?


The blueberry treat will be in addition to a long line of other traditional breakfast buffet fare – eggs, bacon, grits, fruit, etc…..but I have two pints of blueberries and want to make something blueberry but not boring old blueberry muffins.

The scones are easier to eat but the crumb cake looks more rich and luscious. I don’t want to make both. Help me decide. Your vote will count. 🙂

7 thoughts on “So, If You had to Choose for me….

    1. Aces in the aesthetics department because of the Smitten Kitchen professional photography. Images in my kitchen may look less appealing.

  1. I would like both, please. Oh, I have to choose? As the baker, I’d go with the blueberry coffee cake. Dust the blueberries in a little flour so they don’t sink. Scones are more work and you have plenty to do with the rest of the menu.
    When I need to cook a lot of bacon I do it in the oven. It’s something I learned only in the last few years.

    1. That’s two for the coffee cake. Sounds like a plan.
      I have lots of helping hands Sunday so “others” are on bacon duty. But yes, we will bake it because the burners will be tied up with eggs etc.

    1. I line a cookie sheet pan with tin foil and put a cooling rack in the pan. Bake at 400 til crisp, a good 20 minutes.
      I’ve also lined a pan with parchment paper and put the bacon right on the paper and baked.
      If it’s really thick bacon turn the oven down to 350 and bake a bit longer.

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