Seems to be a day for everything but today for whatever reason is #NationalDogDay on both Twitter and Instagram. Of course, I’d prefer it to be called NationalDawgDay but we have owned other pups than Dawg so I suppose calling it Dog Day is tolerable. I’ll allow it. 

I grew up with a beagle named Bogie. I’m not sure at all why we had a dog other than I must have been the little kid who begged for one. My parents are not dog people. Nor my sister. Bogie did a lot of howling that bothered the neighbors and eventually ran off and got hit by a car. That was the one and only dog in my youth.

On my own as an adult I had a mutt named Rigger, found abandoned at the Edgartown hangout Square Rigger. He was a black and white mongrel and had enough shepherd in him to  chase and kill a half dozen chickens at a neighbors Chappy home. I had to pay a steep fine, buy the homeowner new chickens and keep Rigger contained on my property. 

The first dogs the children had were sister cocker spaniels, one who peed every time she got excited. What a pain. One lived a good long time, well past normal longevity. One got bumped off by the UPS truck – NOT the driver’s fault at all. 

Then came MacDougal, a blind and deaf Westie I brought home totally unexpectedly. He was scrawny and scared, but with lots of love, lived with us for a couple of good years until we had to put him down. 

His first day home, bathed and matted fur shaved off.

Then arrived the opposite end of the dog spectrum, a huge Staffordshire terrier, Dawg. She came to us through a son who lost his job in California and said Ma, I’ve got to move home and bring my pit bull. I said over my dead body.

In one day, I was in love.


That was probably eight or nine years ago now – I’m not counting, and we just can’t imagine life without her. The question we often ask ourselves, will we get another dog after Dawg dies? Probably not, to give us more travel freedom, but the house will be so empty without a four-legged companion.

Not to be forgotten on #NationalDogDay, Lucy, the boxer owned by my Iowa family! She’s a gem who loves car rides and long walks.


Here’s to your dogs too – they give the best unconditional love, don’t they? If anyone wants to, feel free to email me a photo of your current or former four-legged family member and I’ll add him/her to the post.

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Woof Woof.

4 thoughts on “#NationalDogDay

  1. Howdy pardners. How’s liberal New York treated you suckers these days? Thought I’d chime in, gloat a bit, and catch you all up on life in Wyoming.

    The dogs took the move hard, sullen and confused for almost two months after we were here. In our old house they had their own corners, their own digging spots, their own poop spots, all of which had to be relearned out here. They are fine now.

    The kids are so happy I can’t stand it. They’ve made many friends and start school September 6. JHHS is really great, one of the best HS in Wyoming and the teachers we’ve met are superb. Sports is a huge deal here and they are out every day now in pre-season training in the sport they chose. We’ve bought our resident ski pass, registered to vote, I’ve made friends too, hubby is fretting less about no job since he started his own financial consulting biz. And no private school tuition. Right there is a net +.

    JH is a sea of financial types this week with the annual meeting of the Fed etc. I haven’t spied Janet Yellen yet but then again, I’m steering clear of town until the week is over. More media than speakers.

    Life is good and I can’t lie that I’m thrilled to be out west with people who are normal. We’re still “those New Yorkers and the guy who has a British accent” but hopefully after a year under our belt here, we’ll not be such newbies.

    Love to everyone. Take care.

  2. So great to hear from Catherine and to learn they are all so happy with the move.

    Dog Days might be the fact the we’re going to the Yankee Game tonight and it’s going to be 90 degrees at game time. Hot in August = Dog Days.

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