If you had any doubt that liberals hate conservatives, especially black conservatives.. watch this, if you can.


Mika Brzezinski and her pals at Morning Joe, including Mr. Tolerant himself, Al Sharpton, do their sick sick sick liberal best to take down Pastor Mark Burns, a black Trump supporter who spoke eloquently at the Republican convention and who goes out with Trump to campaign.

The video is very hard to watch, so hard I had to stop and start it again to refrain from getting ill. Tolerant liberals, ha. Disgust is all I feel for this gang. Sadly, Mika and her buddies will all get high marks for their rude behavior because we all know liberals are only tolerant of their own views, never opposing views.

Watch at your own risk. The video isn’t on YT yet so I can’t drop it right into the post. Click here and watch, if you can. Note, the first minute or so is a fabulous ad from the Trump campaign so don’t get confused that I posted the wrong link.

h/t for the link to the video Geoff Caldwell

21 thoughts on “If you had any doubt that liberals hate conservatives, especially black conservatives.. watch this, if you can.

  1. I can’t watch it but I can only surmise that they hated Burns for his support of Trump.

    Liberals are nothing but a bunch hypocritical a**holes.

    1. Mika is always annoyed. She has a perpetual scowl. No doubt Joe, Mr. Married Several Times and Counting, was having an affair with the intern. Joe is creepy smarmy and now that Mika and Joe are both divorced from their formers, they can comfort each other in miserableness. They deserve each other. Mika wears the political pants in that relationship because ever since her divorce was finalized, Joe has gone farther and farther into his Trump Hate mode. She must do some mean ear whispering between the sheets. Joe lives in the past, referring to his Florida congressional seat as if he had won the presidency. Ego meets Ego in that pairing. Dueling mirror mirror on the wall stuff.
      Aren’t you glad you started this topic? I’m in a rant mood today. Bring your best stuff on!

  2. I know for a fact liberals hate black conservatives. Don’t need to watch vomit-inducing MoJoe vid to be reassured. Thanks anyway.

    1. What do you think happened between the time MoJo had Trump on every day during the primaries to now when they want to drown him? Do you think it was an evil plan all along – to bait Donald into thinking they liked him, knowing full well they’d dump on him the minute he won? If that was the case, they really got Trump because I think he loved being pawed by Mika in those early clips.

      1. Don’t know. I don’t watch enough of Morning Joe to understand the dynamics. I think Trump is grown up enough to know that, in a two person race, the MSM will be all for the Dems and that’s life. I think Mika liked (likes?) Donald better than Joe, but, she has her job to worry about (look at what happened to Dr Drew) and her dad may be up for a position in the new Hillary administration. That said, who watches these shows anyway?

        1. The Dr. Drew cancellation was particularly outrageous, not even a week after calling Hillary’s health precarious. I wonder who Huma called but sure as hell she did and got the show cancelled. If the problem had really been low ratings, the timing would have been different.
          MoJoe has Mika’s dad on a lot and Mika thinks he’s the smartest man who ever lived, even though his tenure was in the Jimmy Carter administration (guffaw).
          I used to watch MoJoe from 6-7am because they USED to have enough back and forth that it was reasonable (well, maybe not reasonable, but tolerable!). My mother still watches MoJoe but less now that I don’t because one of our morning rituals was to dish on the MoJoe first hour. I feel badly for mom that I can’t share in that morning fun but I just couldn’t do it any longer.
          I used to watch CBS This Morning too from 7-7:30 but gave up on that. This morning, the TV in the kitchen was on CBS when I turned it on so I watched CBS This Morning, for all of two seconds, I kid you not, two seconds, just enough to hear Norah puke-amundo O’Donnell lean in, smirk, and dig at Trump calling Hilz a bigot. Click.

        2. Okay, it’s Friday and it’s brutally hot, so forgive me if I ask a really stoopid question: that Twitter account, parody to mock Hillary or real? I can’t decide (she said mixing up another gin and tonic!)

        3. I take what I can get!

          That’s my life motto. Mr. EOS adds, if it’s free, I’ll take two.

          O/T: Got weekend plans out there in Sunny California?

        4. I am actually trying to finish my taxes. When I got the extension the urgency was gone, but, even though I forgot about it, I know someone else hasn’t.

  3. I couldn’t find the last Reply tab to continue that log thread but this comment goes to The TaxMan song. Great find. What a duo. Now I have that song stuck in my head. 😦

    Also, I believe the Hillary PR is a joke/snark account. Conservative Tammy Bruce put a crying laughing emoji on it so I guess she gets that it’s humor. I’m not sure.

    1. You may think the Taxman was best sung by George but my money is on the jive Junior Parker rendition.

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