Why are the Mysteries of Life so Mysterious?


Yesterday, not last week, not last month, not last year, Y-E-S-T-E-R-D-A-Y, I needed to get out an important document from the file cabinets. I found it with ease, put it on my office counter, went and did today, got ready to make the phone call this afternoon related to the document and lord, do you think I could find the damn document???

It’s not big, it’s the size of a credit card, so not bigger than a bread box. I looked in the paper wastebasket I have under my desk, emptied it completely, dumped it upside down even, and looked through every torn envelope from Donald Trump and pre-approved credit card solicitations.Nope.

I looked under my laptop. Nope.

I looked in my bill binder. Nope.

I looked in my Receipts to be Filed binder. Nope.

I looked in my wallet. Nope.

How does this happen? Dawg didn’t eat it. I obviously put it down somewhere other than where I thought and now, poof, gone. It’s driving me nuts. Of course, I won’t be able to get one other thing done today until I search through everything ten more times.

Sucks getting old.

UPDATE at 7:18pm

Found, and you’ll never guess where. In the kitchen garbage can!!!!! Luckily, the trash bag was almost empty since trash day was yesterday but it was a tad yucky sifting through broccoli bits and something too sticky to think about as my hand went through coffee grinds and outdated cottage cheese.

But there it was, under the empty box of angel hair pasta. In all its glory. Voila. Yay.

Who knows how it got there. I must have picked it up off the counter by mistake and it got in the trash that way. But relief. Honestly, I can tell you I would NOT have slept well had I not found it. Phew.

21 thoughts on “Why are the Mysteries of Life so Mysterious?

      1. I searched for “looking for my keys while holding them in my hand” and voila. I couldn’t remember the other video that I can’t remember posting here or not or if it was relevant to the topic at hand. Oh yes, here it is (sorry if a re-post):

        1. You have posted that video here before but as far as I am concerned, you could post it once and day and it’ll never get old. It’s hysterical. And relatable!

  1. The missing document is either hiding in plain sight or in a bunch of bills to be paid. Relax. Take another look in the morning. It’ll turn up.

    1. I’ve taken apart every bill, looked in every bill envelope, thrice now dumped out the paper wastebasket, picked through it piece of paper by piece, found way too many torn lottery tickets, looked under the mouse pad…..
      I will heed your advice, have a glass of wine, relax over dinner, and start searching again tomorrow.

  2. I tore the house apart looking for masking tape yesterday. I must have spent 30 minutes! Husband finally found some (looks 30 years old, thanks dad!) in our garage.

    O/T — I was meaning to ask if you had any Cape Cod tips? We are planning to go out there for Columbus Day and I keep coming to dead ends when I look for a place to stay. None of the quaint B&Bs accept the kiddos, and now I’m starting to get antsy because it’s only 5 weeks away.

    1. Too funny searching for masking tape and love that you kept some from your dad. I have a feeling he’s be proud that you saved it!

      As for the Cape, I have no current advice. Now, if you were going to Martha’s Vineyard, I could help. Surely other readers here could chime in.

    2. Martha- I don’t know what degree of luxury you require on vacation, but if you want a great location and unbeatable price, look into the Surfside Inn on Holway St in Chatham (my summer home). New owners, new beds, fresh paint- read the reviews-they’re mixed- some love the 50’s ambiance, some don’t. Chatham is a great town- a walking village. Google the Chamber of Commerce- lots for your kiddos to do. We put wedding guests there years ago and they were very happy. Bibi

      1. Chatham is gorgeous. An uncle of mine lived there year round when he retired from an advertising career. Often asked how far away his house was from the ocean, his answer was “about $500k”! Ba-dum-dum.
        Bibi, you must know THE Hydrangea Walk house. Owned by Bedford residents! You should see their house here! I wonder if you’ve taken a house tour of it. I know they’ve opened it a few times.

        1. We’re 9th generation Chatham people. Sea captains for ancestors. Hydrangea Walk (just down the street) was owned by the Acme Laundry people. Then it got “the Treatment”, and the “McMansion” people found Chatham. Alas, nothing stays the same. It’s still a great place, but we avoid downtown in the summer. Bibi

        2. “The treatment”. Well said. That’s the understatement. 🙂 Seeing that invasion of McMansion types in RI, I feel your pain.
          You and Mr. EOS should one day share sea captain stories. His family tree is full of old mates and some amazing captains logs that have been kept intact. 9th generation is incredible Bibi and what an honor for the next generation to sustain that legacy!!

    1. Ha ha ha. Meme creators especially!! Dawg was in full dream twitch mode yesterday and I tried to take video of it but no sooner did I get there with camera, she woke. It must have been a great dream. Her legs were going full bore!
      Happy Friday to you!

  3. Thank you SB & Bibi for the suggestions…I’m checking their availability.

    Would it be better to go to the vineyard or Nantucket? We only have 3 days, and I was mostly envisioning beach walks and checking out some historical sights. It’s been 20 or 30 years since I was out there– I’m a totally different person (I think I camped last time!)

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