What Would You pay for a Good Travel Umbrella?

I keep two cheapie CVS portable umbrellas in the car, have two or three more in closets in the house, keep one in my NYC pocketbook, and have a wide assortment of huge golf umbrellas in the back hall closet that sit there, unused, waiting to taken to the next golf tournament I attend.

Thinking we might need an umbrella in London, I can easily take my CVS cheapies, however they break on a dime, won’t stay open or in a NYC wind, blow inside out. So should I invest in a good umbrella?

There’s Davek, getting a ton of press, the media darling of umbrellas……

And just in case you wanted to order a Dave K umbrella, be aware, it’s DAVEK, pronounced dah-vek ! Laaaaa di dah.



The DAVEK traveler model comes in a ton of fun colors, and I do love the leather strap to attach it to the outside of the bag.

There’s even a model that alerts your smartphone if you walk out of a restaurant without it.


Not sure how this really works if you put your umbrella with your coat and hand it to the coat check girl. Most women put a portable umbrella, even a wet one, in whatever we are carrying – pocketbook, briefcase. I can’t think of a time when I’d put down a portable umbrella. A big umbrella is a different story – I can see putting that down everywhere but it looks like the smart technology is only available on one model. I’ll pass.


By now you’ve probably clicked the link to the DAVEK website so see what the umbrellas cost – the smallest model, the Mini sells for $49, and they go up to $350 (!) for the Savile model.

I like that there are combo packs available, the pack that appeals to me is the Traveler and Mini for $124. I might do that – one Red and one Kiwi Green.

Or else, I could buy another highly rated travel umbrella for $15 (depending on color). The Lewis N. Clark brand gets tons of high marks. 


The REI Travel Umbrella at $35 got fairly good reviews on review websites, but funnily, not very good reviews on it’s own website.


Or back to the CVS $10 model, buy several, and hope we have a week of sunshine!

Sure lots more sunshine today that I am loving loving loving. My  PT session this morning was particularly painful so I’m heading outside to sit in the sun and hope the heat makes the joint feel better. I’m making some progress on the shoulder range of motion but not as fast as I would like. He said I have some arthritis in the joint that adds to the difficulty in full recovery.

Happy Wednesday, what’s left of it.

15 thoughts on “What Would You pay for a Good Travel Umbrella?

  1. I gave DAVEK umbrellas as Christmas gifts last year – the Traveler model. I own two myself. The mini is too mini and covers very little. The mini is only good if let’s say you work in the city and want to dash out for a falafel at the corner food truck then dash back in to the office. They are worth the money and do not turn inside out like all the other brands.

  2. That’s what valet parking is for. Or Henri Lloyd gear. Pshaw! To umbrellas. 😀 That said, I can understand why you might need one visiting London in October….

    Have you heard about http://www.fakespot.com ? They analyze the quality of Amazon reviews. Amazing how many fake five stars are out there.

    1. I personally despise umbrellas and find for the most part they are useless. When I know I am going to be out and about in heavy rain, I wear my hooded rain slicker. Granted I look like a fool under the billed hood that is too big it falls down over my eyes, but it’s so hard to open an umbrella from the car without getting soaked just doing that. Umbrellas do come in handy for that unexpected downpour while traveling so I will bring one or two.

      I have NOT heard of fake spot but it’s well worth checking out. I only care about reviews from what Amazon calls Verified Buyers. I never use Yelp for that reason – reviews are not vetted.

  3. I don’t like umbrellas one bit. I have rain hats, hooded rain jackets including an old storm system and an old Barbour Durham model no longer made. Umbrellas are awkward in my hands.
    If you happen to be in London and there’s a stretch of rainy weather, buy an umbrella at Liberty’s. Unless you really want to bring one along….

    1. I could open a store with nothing but Umbrellas That Have Failed While In Use. I just wish I didn’t look so utterly stupid in a rain hat or hooded jacket. Some people look so cute. I do not. Hence, I keep an umbrella to save the embarrassment of the dreaded hat hair.

    1. All umbrellas should have pointy things subdued. All city dwellers know the pain of being clocked in the head. A post for another day is umbrella etiquette. Do you raise your umbrella when you see you are about to hit someone, this getting yourself wet but not maiming the other?

      1. Absolutely! Unless, of course, I intend to engage with that person (sort of a Rock Hudson / Doris Day mishap) – which has never happened.

  4. Law of umbrellas: buy the ugliest one you can find and you’ll have it for life. It will never break, no one will steal it and you’ll never lose it.

  5. I’m a day late, but,
    I remember that London hotels provided umbrellas to guests,
    AND that restaurants (those that attracted hotel guests) had a barrel of hotel umbrellas by the door.
    It’s been a few years, but I’m hoping that the Brits are still civilized.

    1. Flash – You can always be a day late but don’t ever be a dollar short. True re hotels and umbrellas. As a former Girl Scout Leader and daughter of same, I will go prepared, with travel umbrellas in pocketbook!

  6. I am extremely disappointed with the Davek traveller. It has now broken in the same spot twice. Once on the original umbrella, and once on the replacement. This is after minimal use, and no abuse. Both times have been while I have been traveling, as this is why I bought the umbrella.

    The gauge of the pressed metal spars is too thin. The spring tension wire exerts too much force where it passes through the spar. Consequently the spar bends, then work hardens and breaks.

    I would not recommend anyone buy the Davek traveller. the postage payable to replace the umbrella is unsustainable, particularly considering the premium price paid. I hope davek reengineer this product.

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