So This Just happened…..


I went outside after a long fun newsy phone call from my Iowa friend (hearing the gory details of the cancelled Adele concert) to soak up the glorious sun, minding my own business, sipping lemon water, staring at the blue sky when out of nowhere, a swarmlet of killer flies came right at me, to my neck, my chest….I’m wearing a sleeveless v-neck bathing suit cover-up…

fly shutterstock_12833641

I got stung* on my neck and chest, five or six times, stung like hell and I actually screamed, that’s how much it hurt. Dawg was outside with me and I dragged her in (she was looking worried that I was screaming) but I didn’t want HER to get stung.

I thought I was fine once in the house but wham, another huge sting to my side – a fly got down my dress and got me. I went running and screaming, in pain, undressing as I ran, into the bathroom and into the shower – one fly flew off and must still be in the house but he’s off me at least.

The only other time this happened to me was years and years ago in the city, when the kids were young, at a city park and I got bit three or four times by bees. Thankfully I am not allergic so I did not then or now have any reaction to the stings. *I guess technically a fly doesn’t sting, but they must bite because it sure hurt like hell.

I don’t know why the flies are out in full force today, the first really perfect day we’ve had in weeks but it is tempting me to buy one of those zappers. I hate the thought of them but gee, I don’t want to go through that pain again any time soon, or ever.


I find myself still scratching my back and sides, as if they are still on my body. And what a gorgeous day. I don’t want to stay inside so until I decide if I buy a zapper, I may hunt down the old college dorm Vornado fan we have and bring it outside to keep the flies at bay – that may work, right?



I haven’t found the Vornado fan bit I did find this wimpy wimpy wimpy version of a standing fan and have it on full blast in the direction I am sitting:


PS: To the child who was here borrowing a long extension cord and didn’t fold and loop it when putting it back, I know who you are and I’ll get you for this! Grrr.


9 thoughts on “So This Just happened…..

    1. Oh yesssss, I forgot to mention those awful creatures. I have been bit by them but never attacked by a gang of them at once.

      Swanton should be able to add a horror story or two about black flies since they had a house in Vermont.

      1. We hosted an springtime engagement party on Lake Winnipesaukee a couple of years ago and when we went looking for a venue to hold the event, the party planner said we HAD to find a place that had a screened in portion outside, just for the black fly factor. She added that she’s had several parties ruined by people bit by black flies.

  1. Our place was on the NH side of the CT River. I never found black flies to be that big a deal but I had memories of greenies on the coastal beaches when I was a kid. Those green head flies could really hurt. On the other hand, I wasn’t stupid enough to go gallivanting around northern New England during black fly season.
    The other day Mr S was bitten twice by yellow jackets while doing some gardening near a small rock wall.

    1. Greenheads on MVY were prevalent but I never got bit by one, or least that I remember, and I think I’d remember!

      Ouch for Mr.S. They love to hide in gardens. Once my brother-in-law mowed over a bee nest that was in the grass and had to leave the lawn mower running and sprint. It was scary.

  2. Horseflies! That’s what they are known on the coast — green-headed, black-headed, whatever. And yes, they bite — not sting. If it’s a fly and it bites, it’s a horsefly. Not sure why they’d be out today, though in this dry, breezy and cool air.

    1. Not along my beach. They’re known as greenies. All greenies are a type of horsefly but not all horseflies are greenies.
      I don’t hang out at the beach these days but my vague recollection is that the greenies appeared more often when a storm at sea tossed a little seaweed on shore. At least it seemed that way.

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