Not Gonna Happen. Not even One.

Why on Earth could Windows need so many updates?? My computer runs fine, I keep Norton current and updating….yet this….

I opened the link to see what the critical updates are. Come to find it’s for things I rarely use. Office 2010 – I might use Word twice a year. I don’t use Outlook and haven’t for years upon years. Visio? I don’t even know what that is. Power Point, no need for it. One Note, never used. Info Path? I do use Excel more than anything else in the Office suite, but hardly enough that it needs a security update.


As for all the Windows 7 updates – framework on Windows Vista? Ha.


I know I can go one by one and unclick what I don’t need but what’s going to happen is a week from now, the You’ve Got Updates icon will appear again. It’s easier to keep ignoring it. That’s my philosophy today. Ask me again tomorrow.

Dawg has her annual physical at noon – her eyes are really glassy now and her hearing has diminished greatly, but she was chipper waking up today, circling me impatiently until I fed her (her wish is that she gets fed before I make coffee!). The sun is bright, the sky is blue. The storm last night was strong but swift and it looks like we are in for a good weather week. Daughter flying home from Colorado today, a good thing she didn’t come back last night – I am sure she would have been seriously delayed, or had the flight cancelled.

Nothing else to report. All of Bedford seems to be on vacation. Parking spaces abound in town and at the markets.

Here’s to a good day everyone.

4 thoughts on “Not Gonna Happen. Not even One.

  1. Big news! It rained early this morning. Heavily, too. Possible tornado in Concord is being reviewed. There were some street flooding and downed trees reported in several towns. Quiet here and a brilliantly blue sky once again.

    It’s so hard to see a much loved canine family member reach an advanced age. Hoping all goes well with Dawg’s check-up. I can’t think of a more devoted dog owner than you.

    1. The rain you got this morning – was it the same system that hit us? I’m guessing not if it didn’t hit you until this morning. My gardener hates downpours – says it does no good for the plants if they are suffering from drought problems – she much prefers a steady light rain all day.

      Aaah, Dawg. She is so loved. We are devoted to her, truly devoted.

  2. I empathize with Dawg…my eyes are somewhat glassy now and hearing has diminished, as well. Time for mug of cabernet sauvignon.

    1. Mr. EOS is similarly eye and ear afflicted. My hearing is bat-like and my vision, although needing glasses, is decent enough to still do the night driving. That doesn’t mean I will pass on the mug of Cabernet. 🙂

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