I Know it’s Not PC for a Woman to Pick on another woman’s appearance, but geez…..

This is an Instagram photo of Hillary yesterday at a fundraiser organized by Cher. Now, I ask you, what woman wears a housecoat to an event? A grey and black one no less, with matching slacks?

Cher is OLDER than Hillary, yes older! 

I can remember my grandmother wearing something similar when she was weeding her gardens or doing the laundry…the big pockets for clothespins usually.

Not my grandmother but you get the point…

The Nonna-Chic look is back I guess – eBay is full or vintage housecoats for sale. Etsy too.


Vintage dress coat full

But I ask you – how is it possible not to suspect something is wrong with Hillary’s health in what garments she has been wearing lately? Conspiracy theories abound, but in this case, I think there IS something to people’s guesses. She does not look well.

18 thoughts on “I Know it’s Not PC for a Woman to Pick on another woman’s appearance, but geez…..

  1. I think it’s that she’s gained a lot of weight. She knew she had to stay reasonably trim through the convention. Now that she has the nod, and probably the presidency too, she let herself go. She also knows that she can cry sexism if anyone calls her out on her looks.

  2. The coats and jackets are getting increasingly longer and fuller. It’s the longer length that I suspect is hiding something. She used to wear waist high jackets, then hip high, now knee length. Something is wrong.

  3. To be fair, it’s a good thing Hilz wasn’t wearing one of Cher’s old Bob Mackie outfits and also, don’t forget Cher has had a ton of plastic surgery (that she doesn’t hesitate to talk about).

  4. Irritation/distress about current events in America has pushed me right out of blogging but this outfit might force me back into it.

    It makes sense, though – if her handlers pulled her out of bed during one of her naps, she had no time to change her outfit. or get a hairdo. Or plaster her face cracks up.

    This is the greatest outfit of them all.

    My gawd, the pockets!

    It’s like she bought one Butterick pattern and gave it to her seamstress to make over and over again in different fabrics.

    Love how high up on her rump that side slit goes.

    I guess I’m not PC. Sorry for cluttering up your comments here but I have no outlet for this kind of stuff anymore.

    1. Irritation/distress syndrome is rampant. I stopped reading almost all political blogs just because I wasn’t sure I could stand the mental torture. You are not alone. Not by a long shot.

      Agree this outfit doesn’t even rise to the level of outfit. I studied to be a clown and my clown outfit had smaller pockets than this getup.

      UnPC is always welcome here!!

    1. Yes. I am sure sure sure something is not right. No one, even if you are trying to hide some weight gain, wears a huge housecoat or winter coat. I’m hoping against hope that the 15k email the FBI says they found are enough for her housecoat to be orange. 🙂

  5. I’ve been wondering for months what type of pharmaceutical help these candidates have been getting. Trump is 70 & Hellery is almost 69. I am right up in that age bracket & there is NO WAY in Hell I could match their pace. I hope it’s all taking a toll.

    I’ll pass on the housecoats.

    1. I agree that the pace both candidates keep is strenuous. I couldn’t do it night after night. I think Trump is more used to quick pace traveling, visiting his golf courses and buildings etc. Hillary is less used to the pace.
      Perhaps their secret is Power naps and lots of Starbucks?

    1. Her attitude, I’m my humble opinion, is far worse than her design sense. She lives in sone alternative universe where she thinks what she says is always right. I truly truly truly dislike and distrust that woman.

        1. It’s appalling to me that no one in the media cares two hoots about Huma’s role in Hillary’s life, basically her work wife, if not her actual wife. Huma gets HRC tea, makes excuses for her, intercepts all her email, probably fluffs the pillows while Hillary naps – there’s something going on waaaay beyond Huma being an assistant.

  6. Looks like a print version of the robe you get while you wait for your mammogram, only stitched up instead of wrapped. Loose short sleeves so easy to get an IV line going, I’ll bet it rips open fast with velcro. Loose to accommodate an adult diaper-kidney/bladder problem? (I’m a nurse.) Bibi

    1. That’s what I think Bibi. Some sort of kidney bladder problem so the coats hide a diaper.

      You mean to tell me on top of all the brilliant travel/life tidbits and advice you leave here, you are a nurse too? I was impressed before. I’m in awe now.

  7. I think she is too old to be pregnant. My guess is that she is hiding her weight gain or bruises from her lover.

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