Santiago Calatrava Oculus Mall and Transit Center

It’s finally open, the eighth wonder of the modern architecture world, the NYC downtown transit center and who better to show is than the inimitable CosHarbour. Take it away sir.

The exterior….

cosExterior (2)


Center Stage…
cosCenter Stage

First floor looking up to God’s dejay booth….
cosFirst floor looking up to “God's dejay booth”

First floor buttresses…
cosFirst floor buttresses

Curvy marble stairs…
cosCurvey Marble Stairs

Flying staircase….
cosFlying Staircase

The real estate website Curbed did an article on the Transit Center recently and posted several Instagram shots of all the peeps in awe.

The New York Times architecture reviewer wasn’t so kind, calling it a soaring symbol of a boondoggle. 

Whatever you think, thanks to Cos for taking the time to photograph it for us, peeps and all.

A storm just blew over us so I’m hoping that’s it for the day of rain so I can be outside the rest of today. It’s still very humid but not oppressively so.

Have a good Sunday one and all.

14 thoughts on “Santiago Calatrava Oculus Mall and Transit Center

  1. This is the first I knew about it but from the photos my reaction is one of appreciation for its architecture and engineering feats. I think I like it very much.
    Can you imagine the maintenance challenges? There’s a lot of white to keep white.

    Still no rain here. Sky is a brilliant, cloudless blue. There was talk about a healthy dose of rain in the form of a thunder storm later today but that seems to have gone by the boards.

    1. Excellent point about maintenance challenges and keeping the white white. I guess only time will tell. Also, what happens in a huge snow storm – does the snow accumulate on the wings and do icicles hang from them?

      First storm went through quickly. Second due any minute. Sky pitch black. Lucky you to have blue skies up above….

    1. We’ve OD’d on rain. Every day almost, there’s a big dump of it. My weeds are taller than corn in Kansas. I’d post photos of the weeds, but I’m too embarrassed.

    1. Huh. I didn’t expect him to be so self-deprecating or honest about his life, his failings, etc. I found the video to be heartwarming. Are we to assume that his new wealth is all from his YT channel ads?

      1. Yes, I think his income must be whatever ad revenue he gets from his videos and I have to assume he prefers that to a 9-5 desk job, based on his story. I had to subscribe to his channel.

        I hope you noted that the McLaren P1 he was chasing (in that first video on that other blog) had “Miller Motorcars, Greenwich Ct” on it, in addition to the Montana plates.

        1. I’m in the wrong business. I need to have paid subscribers to this blog so I can have a Montana license plate and a McClaren P1 from Miller in Greenwich. Yes, I noted.

          How much would you pay to subscribe here? Wait, don’t answer that – I’m in a good mood today and don’t need rejection.

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