Narcissist. Egomaniac.


Yesterday: Josh Earnest says: Obama is golfing during Louisiana flooding because he detests theatrical politics. 

Today: A WH Press release says: Obama will visit Baton Rouge to examine flooding on Tuesday August 23. [Note: Obama’s MV vacation ends August 22]

Also Today: Trump and Pence speak to victims of LA flooding, help unload food from a truck and Trump makes a donation to Samaritan’s Purse, an international relief organization founded by Franklin Graham.

The man who says he detests theatrical politics…the moment that won it for Obama in 2012 and ruined Christie’s political future.

I watched some of Trump in Baton Rouge today and he was genuine in his feelings for what he saw. Good for Trump to get there, even if it’s totally theatrical. He needs the good press.

Obama will fly there because he was furious Trump got all the good press. Where’s Hillary you ask? She phone the Louisiana governor. That should count, right?

7 thoughts on “Narcissist. Egomaniac.

  1. Well, maybe there is hope. I am feeling pretty disheartened about the future of America, and the world. Talking to people in Sweden, they all ask about the election and are appalled that the US is “too stupid” to come up with a better candidate. My husband (newly minted US citizen) says he cannot morally vote for either one…..wants to throw his vote away on the libratatian guy or vote “no”. He is much more liberal than me….for me it’s not so much a choice as mustering up the courage to swallow the unknown horse pill.

    1. First, yay to your hubby for becoming a citizen.
      Secondly, his voting sentiment is pretty prevalent, but what a shame his first vote as a citizen, he can’t feel pride in any candidate.
      As for your voting analogy, priceless choice of words! True!!

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