If they drop the price ANOTHER $4.5 million, I might call

One of the most stunning houses in all of Bedford is on Mount Holly Road, in the top three of gorgeous roads here – Upper Hook, Guard Hill the others.

Built in 1928, with eleven fireplaces on FORTY-SEVEN ACRES, a barn and riding rink – and a swimming pool to end all swimming pools, well, in my humble opinion, it doesn’t get any prettier than this.


1.jpg (2)

aerial 1.jpg



It’s been for sale for a very long time, years maybe, and recently dropped its price from $12,750,000 to the bargain basement price of $8,500,000. I have no idea if $8.5 is too high too – the buyer is a rare one – someone with horses, and very very deep pockets to maintain such a large home and land. And wait until you see what the property taxes are – criminally huge at $255,000 year. That’s obscene.

Where the house loses me is the interior – it doesn’t remotely match the exterior and I’d have a hard time accepting what looks like 1990s finishes. I’d want to redo the kitchen first. The tile floor is a dead giveaway to a long ago popular decorating idea.


Looking at the second kitchen photo compared to the first , it seems they took away the table and chairs to make it look like the kitchen is bigger.


The front foyer, I can’t decide if the mural on the walls is pretty or distracting – I’d have to see it in person. What say you?


This house at 13K square feet has a lot of great rooms, and the current owner seems to struggle with how to furnish each one. I mean, how many great rooms can you sit in??
great room 1.jpg


JI5A4655 1.jpg

Now, I’d live in the sun room (with different furniture though).
HL_212MtHolly_SunRm_29Jan15 1.jpg

The one bathroom photo shown looks very masculine but in this size house it wouldn’t surprise me if the master had his and hers bathrooms. This wouldn’t work for me. The finishes are too dark.

The office is obviously for the man of the house too.

I’d be curious to know what buyers objections are. Too much house? Too much land? Interior needs a redo? I report. You decide.

Happy Friday. Looks like rain – the sky is very dark but I’m heading out for the loop of errands. have a good one.

11 thoughts on “If they drop the price ANOTHER $4.5 million, I might call

  1. I don’t like anything about the interior except for the fine detail of mouldings and ceiling treatment. No young billionaire is going to want this house with walled off rooms and no open concept.

    Agree the kitchen is awful – it’s not big enough for today’s family use. I’m sure in 1928 the homeowner never knew where the kitchen was – for staff only. Today even the very wealthy demand a big family kitchen.

  2. I was a Westchester resident for 18 years so I knew the number was going to be high but the tax bill still made my jaw drop. That $225k will never go down. I just can’t imagine getting a quarter million dollar’s worth of joy out of that property, no matter how gorgeous, that I would be happy to pay the tax bill every year. Call me cheap. Or too practical.

  3. This is a tough one. Great old estate built when craftsmen knew what they were doing. I actually don’t find much wrong with the interior that some painting, or replacement of dated light fixtures, or re-doing that kitchen in some way would help.
    If it was my house, I’d look at removing that Great Room/Living Room at the end of the building – it looks like a later addition (different roof slope) and i think it ruins the proportions of the whole house. Also add a pool house (that’s a fur piece to trek when nature calls).

    1. Lots of painting to brighten would help immensely. Agree. The wall mural in the front entrance is probably a million dollars of art but it seems to darken the space too much since it’s already very narrow.
      Hmmmm, interesting observation about the rooflines. I’ll go back and look closer.
      It’s insane there is no pool house. Insane. The only thing I can think of is they didn’t want a visual distraction from the house or go through the permitting process. They probably have a house on the water somewhere for the summers so maybe it’s only the staff who use the pool.
      There’s no doubt this house was built to last. It just needs some beautification.

      Under an enormous HAIL storm right now. The pelting on the roof is so strange.

  4. My favorite room is the conservatory. Don’t care one way or another about the kitchen because for that amount of $ I’d want to renovate it to my specs. One other thing- it lacks an ocean view. Think I could get a discount for that?
    Let’s ask our favorite buyer’s broker to find a Maine property that would suit our fancy. Price is no object – I love this game..

    1. In Bedford, views of any kind are rare, unless you are at the top of the hill like where Peltz lives and where trump bought the former Rockefeller University mansion. But then, you also get the planes landing and taking off at HPN.

      There are a couple of roads where there is a long distance view, but few.

        1. It took a long time to sell but did, this spring. The New York Post says the address is 168 Hook Road. Hook has some high points but honestly, those long views look more like Upper Hook. I’ll take some time later to Birds Eye View map it.

          Cool house, especially with the music vibes going on. Coincidentally, tomorrow, I’m doing a post on houses with pianos.

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