I L-O-V-E LOVE LOVE when Liberal Twits gets a serious comeuppance!!

The two young women who created a line of handcrafted jewelry called Lady Grey found themselves the target of a good bit of public backlash yesterday. 

Let me back up and say, good for them to be so successful. They started with nothing and became metal-smiths to many high profile fashionistas. For that, they deserve lots and lots of credit. That’s where my praise ends.


Jill Martinelli and Sabine Le Guyader met while studying Sculpture and Metals at Massachusetts College of Art, and quickly bonded over their paralleled backgrounds in the dental industry- each had learned the basics of jewelry making while working in prosthetic dentistry and orthodontics as teenagers.  In contrast with their one-of-a-kind, gallery-minded curriculum, the girls aimed to create a fashion forward jewelry collection that would bring their progressive design philosophies to the ready-to-wear market. In 2007 they moved to New York to follow this dream.

Lady Grey released their first collection in 2009, and within just months it had been featured in worldwide publications including ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, W, and Vogue Japan, and launched with the most coveted retail outlets such as Bergdorf Goodman and Selfridges. That same year, Lady Grey brought home Gen Art’s “Designer of the Year” International award in accessories.

Then Ivanka Trump ordered a piece of their jewelry online and the girls, Hillary supporters, decided to pen a rather snarky letter back to Ivanka.

Further, they decided it would be cool to Tweet out their letter.


Um, that didn’t prove to be such a wise business choice. The Twitter responses were quick, and harsh…as it should have been. That these two young entrepreneurs thought for one second that telling Ivanka off was a good idea when SHE paid money for one of their products says to me these ladies need a lesson in appreciating the client – no matter a client’s politics.


Within minutes of receiving tons of negative comments, they turned their Twitter account to private and deleted the tweet. Or so they thought. That’s the other lesson they need to learn – um, things that go on the internet stay on the internet. Al Gore 101.


If you ask me, I say people who are in the business of selling a product need to sell the product. Period. Amen. Ivanka would surely have worn the bracelet out and about, where people would ask who made it. Now I hope she sends it back, asks for a credit. She won’t though, She’s way too classy to even mention this event.

As for Jill and Sabine, take a moment to think about The Art of the Deal. 🙂

10 thoughts on “I L-O-V-E LOVE LOVE when Liberal Twits gets a serious comeuppance!!

  1. So much for sisterhood. If nothing else, the Lady Grey ladies should respect that Ivanka owns her own line of clothing.


    1. Ya ya of the sisterhood only applies to liberal women. The hatred by them of conservative achievement goes to show how shallow liberals are. Look how the MSM doesn’t want to acknowledge Trump’s new female campaign manager. The lib talking heads say she’s not really in charge.

      To change the subject, you’ll notice I used my old handle. My husband was diagnosed with stage four cancer. He’s taking a medical leave from work and we’ve decided to live with his parents and either rent out or put the new Riverside house back on the market. With so much new at once, house, town, kids school and meeting new people, it didn’t make sense to move when we need to rally around my husband.

      1. Such heartbreaking news Bedford Mom but I commend you for coming together as a one family to be there for your husband. You are fortunate to have his parents in town to be a support system.

        I know this will sound trite, but if there’s anything I can do, I am here.

      2. Mom, I am very sorry to read your news. it makes sense to me too that you’ve decided to circle the wagons. wishing you all well.

      3. I have been there, Mom. The best advice I can offer is to just get though this ONE day. Try as hard as you can no to worry about what may happen tomorrow. You will certainly be in my thoughts.

  2. Bedford Mom- I’m so sorry to hear why your plans have changed. EOS has some good folks among her readers. Send a note here whenever you think you could use a little support. We’ll be around. If you don’t write, we’ll still be thinking of you.

  3. Weird….you can delete prior or any duplicates.

    Bedford mom, prayers going out for you, your husband and family🙏 Have you heard about frankincense oil? https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/frankincense-and-cancer/

    Or cannabis oil? When my mom was terminal, it got most insane when I was “out in the future”, but was not all that bad when I stayed in the present moment. And, it is hard, I know…..but a positive attitude (laughter!) is the best medicine! Xxx

    1. Martha, I only saw this comment once – not even duplicates in my spam folder so I’m not sure what happened.

      Bedford Mom said that her husband is in good hands with docs at Memorial Sloan Kettering but as she pointed out, MSK doesn’t take all cancer patients and the double-edge sword of taking her husband is that his cancer is both rare and severe that doctors feel they can learn as they try and cure the disease ravaging his body.

      I don’t know if she’ll stop by here very often (I hope she does) but I told her we all all rooting for her and her husband. Thanks for your suggestion.

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