Oh Noooooooooooo

My Iowa friend and others flew to Phoenix for three days of fun in the sun, sightseeing, and oh yes, the whole reason for the adventure….they got much coveted tickets months and months ago to see Adele tonight.


Diana texted me about a half hour ago to say Adele has cancelled tonight’s show….

Not much you can do about it – I’m sure all ticket-holders will get their money back for the cancelled event but think of the money they won’t get back: the round trip airfare, the hotel, the car rental, the meals……………….that’s a substantial sum.

Does anyone know if when you do get a refund, do you only get the face value of the ticket back? I know I usually buy high-priced StubHub tickets (I did for Jeff Dunham) but I don’t know if StubHub would refund me that whole amount. I’ve never had an event cancelled for which I’ve had tickets.

I’d be so disappointed and a bit angry too – they were so looking forward to tonight and people who went to last night’s Phoenix event (who Tweeted about it) RAVED. Not much consolation for my friends. Boo hoo. Herewith a hug, for what that’s worth. Sigh.


4 thoughts on “Oh Noooooooooooo

  1. StubHub will refund what you paid. Not sure what Ticketmaster does.

    What a pity, to travel so far, to have concert cancelled.

  2. That’s terrible. Hope Adele had a damn good reason for canceling. Diana and her pals are out a bundle. That much is certain. Maybe they can salvage the rest of their trip.
    When I lived in Boston I had incredibly good luck getting tickets for sold out shows at the last minute. I’d walk to the theatre box office around midafternoon the day of the performance and snag some great seats. At that time, they already knew which comp tickets won’t be used.

    1. They bought tickets the day they went for sale and as you might imagine, tickets were all sold out in minutes. Around the nation.When Phoenix was the only place where they could get seats, they decided to make it a girls weekend and have a blast. They stayed at a beautiful resort overlooking a golf course, they drove up to Sedona yesterday to sightsee, all culminating in tonight’s concert. Their flight back to Iowa is tomorrow morning at 8.

      The Tweet from Adele inside the post she does sound pretty sick. I’m sure it’s harder for any star to cancel an event but Adele has been on a brutal tour, two nights here and there dotting the whole USA, it’s no surprise she’d get sick somewhere along the line. Diana is bummed it happened in Phoenix. They were so looking forward to tonight and I was jealous they were going…and that I wasn’t with them.

  3. This is awful. It’s one thing to be in the same town as a cancelled concert venue, or travel from Fairfield into NYC, but to fly three hours, stay at a pricey resort (which I bet was even pricier because of the dates they book for the Adele concert), then find out at the last minute she’s sick, criminal. I’d drink the night away to forget what I had spent. I hope they had fun in Arizona otherwise.

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