I need an axe to open this packaging!

Pet peeve #97001, worse than lazy double-parkers in Bedford, I can’t stand when something comes packaged such that it can NOT be opened without jeopardizing life and limb.

Case in point – a simple pruning tool…encased in hard plastic.

Can’t use teeth to open this puppy!

I mean, really, if it were accessible, does Fiskars think someone will open this at a store and start stabbing people? They are sue-proof I guess.

In the days when people bought music CDs (before downloading to iTunes), jewel cases were the devil’s joy – it took strength of character to get through opening one of those without letting out strings of foul words.

Battery packs are bad too – surrounded by heavy and sharp plastic that leaves scars on fingers and hands after opening.

I did finally open the trimmer, outside this afternoon to get back to weeding before the neighbors call to complain that they don’t want to live in Appalachia…the weeds are tall! While out, I did capture a pretty dragon or damselfly. Completely different than the Widow Skimmer Dragonfly I posted a few weeks back – this one was much smaller, lighter wings. the body a blueish tone. Graceful and pretty fluttering around. Made the irritation of opening the Fiskars tool go away.


Last night’s storm was the worst of the summer lot – Bedford was directly under the massive thunder, lighting and rains. The power went on and off a few times, never long enough for the generator to kick in (less than 15 seconds) but long enough for the cable boxes to have to reboot. Grrrr.

Looks like tonight we’ll manage to get through without a storm, which I hope is true because one of my kids is flying. Fingers crossed the skies stay blue.

Happy Hump Day, what’s left of it!



5 thoughts on “I need an axe to open this packaging!

  1. These Summer storms are the trauma of flying. The spouse had a flight to Louisville last Thursday at 2:30. Left the house at 11am. LaGuardia is it’s own construction nightmare. Delay delay, back to the Terminal, back on the plane wait for a crew. Took 13 hours to get to Louisville.

    Had a flight home on Sunday at 5pm. Bad weather moved thru, flight canceled, mechanical difficulties. Next morning had a 6 am flight which got changed to a 12 Noon flight. Took 2 days to fly home. Oh, and Delta found a $75 a night hotel but no free hotel voucher. There was a 8:15 pm American Airlines tried to get on, but would not let you book within less than 2 hours to flight time. What’s up with that. In the old days many a time you’d go running down to a gate hand your credit card over and get on that next flight on a different carrier. No more. That was a rude surprise.
    Travel is UGLY now a days!

    1. He could have DRIVEN to Louisville faster. What an awful tale and such a drag, especially if you are going for a short business hop. His nightmare getting home was even worse. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a $75 night hotel. And not letting him buy a ticket for the AA flight – stupid.

      The saddest tales are for people who miss flights to weddings or funerals. Or cruises. Not everyone is Lucy Ricardo who can be helicoptered to meet the cruise ship at sea.

      We’ve been pretty lucky overall – delays are expected today. It’s the cancellations that get expensive. Years ago, our flight from JFK to SFO was delayed by enough hours that we missed the connection on to Sydney Australia. The kids were in tow so on United’s expense, we had food and hotel vouchers until the next flight. I had a kid stuck in some high snowstorm once and the only airport hotel room left was something like $499/night. Hotels aren’t stupid.

  2. You know the next rant? Those stupid credit cards with the chip that you have to wait and wait and wait for approval and then the printed receipt takes even longer to appear. I am about ready to start writing checks at the grocery store because the time element is about the same – but, I also have the satisfaction of pissing off everyone behind me in line (if I have to suffer, they have to suffer).

    1. Love the Curb your Enthusiasm clip. I was late to watching that show but it’s really brilliantly funny, as anything is Larry David touches. Thanks.
      Now, as for chip readers. I’m finding some stores, my Stop and Shop for one, that has a chip reading doohickey, tells me the chip reader part doesn’t work and to swipe only. I don’t know if the just got tired of the lines being so slow with the chip reading or if their system is really not working. I’d still prefer a slow chip reader to the woman (it’s always a woman) who writes a check, waiting to get out her checkbook AFTER the transaction is complete, needing a pen, then asking today’s date…..
      If you know you’re going to write a check, at what point in the line do YOU write the date, the name of the market, and sign it?

      1. My understanding is that the chip offers greater security for the bank issuing the card (not sure if I benefit) and that the chip method is required (or will be) for all. It has been awhile, but, all my filling out will take place at the little check writing desk. This will hurt me more than it hurts them, but, there’s a principle involved.

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