Isn’t There Always At Least One Photo Missing from Every Real Estate Listing??

I’ve often said that if I decided living in RI full-time was what was best in the long run (versus Florida and RI, once I forsake NY), I’d want the house to be in Middletown. Lots to do in Middletown. Gorgeous beaches. Newport for shopping nearby but not all the crowds. Amtrak station not too far. All good things for me, the one who doesn’t like to be isolated. My personality is such that I need to be in the thick of things.

One small detail. I need my ship to come in big time to live in Middletown because I only want to live on one road, Indian Avenue. No other street. And on the ocean side, of course. Not across the street. Like what’s the point otherwise?

I’ll take this, a listing that just came on the market. A whopping 8600 square feet but oddly only 4 bedrooms. You’d think five would be in a house this size. I’ll suffer with four. 🙂

Everything about the house, inside and out, the pool, the gazebo, the kitchen, the master bedroom with a private patio, and where it is on the street, close to Third Beach….all perfection. With a few exceptions, I’d even negotiate to buy the house furnished.





The aerial photo makes the house look utterly private and protected.


Then….drum roll please…..the photos the listing agent doesn’t post…Hmmmmmm…from Google Earth I spy with my little eye….

…A house in front of 311, granted it’s off to one side, but what if they tear down that, which looks pretty old, and build a behemoth? Then what?



Compare the summer full foliage photo to the winter bare tree photo. Says that in the winter the house is quite visible. Actually, the summer photo from the Sotheby’s listing looks like one heck of A LOT more trees than in the Google Earth photo. Right?

I guess in this day and age, when large lots of land on the ocean are a thing of a former generation, and old houses are being torn down left and right (especially on Indian Avenue – the last time I drove up and down, there were no fewer than four houses, large ones, on the ocean, under construction), chances are slim to none that the small white house next to 311 will stay as is. Of course, if we are talking my ship came in like lottery money, I’d ask for right of first refusal to buy the house next door and tear it down – open up the view for more of a 180. As it appears in the listing photos, it’s a pretty narrow band of view straight ahead.

Dreaming is fun. But I could seriously seriously seriously do this house. For now though….0080006


6 thoughts on “Isn’t There Always At Least One Photo Missing from Every Real Estate Listing??

    1. I’m Sybil when it comes to real estate. My multiple personalities come out and I want a pied-a-terre in NYC, a huge house on the water, a place in Florida, and and and…..

    1. That’s right. Good one. The list is endless when you think about it. Back yards that fall off a cliff. Shared driveways. Ugly houses next door. Lots of construction on the street.
      I guess large real estate firms know most people aren’t bothered by the stuff that bothers me and maybe the buyer of 311 Indian wouldn’t care in the least if there is a house in front.

      1. That house in front is a deal killer. Notice how far their lawn extends into that swath of land that leads to the ocean (for 311) and why isn’t that swath landscaped (except for the clump of trees that block the view)?

        1. Agree. I forgot to mention that the property taxes are $67k – and for that you could easily have your view blocked when a new house goes up. And it will one day.

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