I Pray there’s No Deep Seated Meaning to My Dream

Last night, every time I rolled over or partially woke up, I continued a dream that I was on a zip-line that landed on a platform in the middle of a lake.


I wasn’t the only one zip-lining – one by one, an entire family, none of whom I knew, joined me on the platform – stranger yet, the Rector of my church zip-lined onto the platform with us. And finally, the weirdest, a white horse, yes, no typo, a white horse came zooming down the line onto the platform. I seemed to be the only one surprised that a horse would zip line.


The good news in this weirdness, we all seemed to be happy. The lake was clear blue and calm and people were taking selfies to prove they made the long zip line.

I woke up before I figured out how we got off the platform that was in the middle of the lake. Maybe on the back of the horse who swam back?

Time for coffee – lots of it!

5 thoughts on “I Pray there’s No Deep Seated Meaning to My Dream

  1. Im amazed that you could find a photo of a white horse on a zip line! Google images rock.

    I’ve never wanted to analyze my dreams for fear it would cement my wife’s opinion that I’m certifiable.

  2. A white horse in a dream can mean prosperity. Go buy a lottery ticket today.

    I saw Florence Foster Jenkins yesterday. PU. Awful.

    1. My brother worked at the Steel Pier in the 60s with the famous diving horse. It seemed cruel to him then.

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