The OMI Arts Center – Wow! Just Wow!!!

CosHarbour smartly bailed on the 100 degree heat of city this weekend for Ghent NY where he visited the OMI International Arts Center. I can NOT wait to go there myself. It looks stunning. Add Cos’s talent with the camera, and we have eye-popping art and architecture for a Monday. Not a bad way to start the week, eh?

One of the current exhibits is called The Field Sculpture Park and here are three spectacular works of art.

Valledor, 1969
Aluminum and steel on wooden base

By Forrest Myers

Paraclete, 1972
Cor-Ten steel

By Beverly Pepper

Picker Sculpture, 2005
Cor-Ten steel hoops

By Dewitt Godfrey

The other current exhibit is called Architecture OMI :
From the OMI website: 

Architecture Omi is conceived to facilitate projects exploring the intersection of architecture, art and landscape. Nestled with in the campus of the Omi sculpture park, Architecture Omi offers a pristine sixty acre site designated expressly to foster and cultivate the production of physical structures such as pavilions, installations, landscape interventions, constructed environments. In addition, the program encourages the integration of all varieties of related media, ideas, propositions and curated exhibitions in a landscaped setting.

The vision for Architecture Omi is to create a fusion of natural and intellectual resources. It is a sanctuary where the public can experience a diversity of architectural installations spread across a myriad of natural ecosystems and designed landscapes on the Architecture Omi grounds. The result is a new category of hybrid parkland that melds enlightened ecological conservation practices with temporary experimental constructions and installations. The environment of Architecture Omi will facilitate an ongoing dialogue on the interconnectivity between nature, culture, art and architecture.

ReActor, 2016
Wood and concrete

By Alex Schweder and Ward Shelly

ReActor is the newest work in an experimental, performative series of “social relationship architecture” designed and built by internationally renowned architect-artist duo Alex Schweder + Ward Shelley.

Located in Architecture Omi’s Field 01, ReActor is a habitable sculpture, where Schweder + Shelley will live in full view of Omi’s audience. The 44-foot by 8-foot structure rotates 360-degrees atop a 15-foot concrete column in response to its inhabitants’ movements, exterior forces, and interior conditions, making visible the intimate relationship between architecture and its inhabitants.


Cos emailed an awesome video of this house too but iPhone video defaults to .mov and it’s not a WordPress approved form of media. Darn. Close your eyes after looking at the top photo and visual someone walking up the path. Got it? [Update: Cos sent link to NYT article with video of house rotating]

The other house Cos photographed for us he calls The Pond House but I find no reference to it on the OMI website, either under current or past exhibits. That’s okay I guess – we can still enjoy his photos.



Good luck topping these photos any day soon. I may let these sit forever, they are that yummy. Did I say I can’t wait to go up there…as soon as this oppressive heat goes away.

Thanks Cos. You, SB and EI are pretty darn swell to me to keep plying me with blog material of such high quality. Hey, I had photos of pretzels and security buttons this weekend. 🙂

Happy Monday one and all.

3 thoughts on “The OMI Arts Center – Wow! Just Wow!!!

  1. I thank you for showing my photos. It makes me think, when I’m out an about, what pic would be good to send to EOS. Friends and family audience not always that interested… You provide our platform, much appreciated.

    CosH, the photos are spectacular. You get to the most amazing places!

  2. Great photos and information! Interesting to see three-dimensional art, placed in the landscape where it is subject to the vicissitudes of light and weather. I wish Schweder and Shelly had hired some hot models to live in the ReActor (just sayin’). A fun idea is to spin it around while Alex and Ward are in there to get a reaction (perfectly allowed by the rules of the placement).

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