You Had One job…

Through a store website, I bit the bullet and bought a long dress for the QM2 voyage! It fit nicely and I love the navy blue color, but as I zipped it up I felt a little something up against my back. Whatya know, whatya know – the packing clerk forgot to do one last thing before shipping!


The backside of the security button looks like a sad face! How appropriate. Grrrrrr.

I called the company and they said I could do one of two things – either take the dress to one of their brick and mortar shops or return it by mail and they will exchange it for me. The lesser evil is to take it to a shop, which means going to a mall, which I detest, especially after TWO separate incidents at malls yesterday. Who me, paranoid about malls? Yes, actually. It’s the last place I want to be and I’m not a fearful sort.

Anyway, in typing the headline for this post, I ran across some hilarious photos of the meme You Had One Job….so enjoy a little Sunday humor.

The first one is my personal favorite!! 🙂





It’s still miserably humid outside, unbearable to sit out and read the paper even. There IS a breeze but when the breeze melts your phone and glasses, it’s time to come in.

10 thoughts on “You Had One job…

        1. I remember that story. New Jersey I think. I’m sure the lawyers in that mess are the only ones you got to play finders keepers, keeping money from the two parties suing.

        2. Still, it would be pretty funny if some sort of Whoopsies Clause automatically made the house the landowner’s property. He could double down by calling up the builder a week later and telling them they installed the wrong garage door opener.

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