If We can put a man on the moon…..

Why can’t pretzel (and potato chip) makers come up with packaging that cushions the product so you don’t get this…..


Not a whole pretzel among the bunch at the bottom of the bag (I dumped it out so you could see it better – no, I don’t usually do this!). I don’t think there were many whole pretzels at the top of the bag either.

Can’t the bags be air-filled, like those air pillows that come with fragile packaging? I suppose then the bags of pretzels wouldn’t sit on the grocer’s shelves easily.

Potato chips are equally frustrating – those bits at the bottom that are still so good but are nothing but bits and pieces of chips.

Whoever invents a solution should win the Nobel Piece Prize! 🙂

Huge storms came through overnight – driving rain and lots of lightning. But looks like blue skies today – but still wickedly humid and hot. Happy Sunday.