Hot Town, Summer in the City

It’s been brutal in the city lately, so hot that the Lovin’ Spoonful got it right – back of the neck getting dirt and gritty. No breezes. Scorching sun, but that didn’t stop SoundBeacher from taking her trusty camera out and about Manhattan for us. YAY.

Copy and photos by SoundBeacher.

First, Van Gogh’s Ear at Rockefeller Center…totally cool, in every sense of the word.

…artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset will transform the Fifth Avenue entrance to the Channel Gardens at Rockefeller Center with a large-scale new work. Van Gogh’s Ear is a sculpture, which takes the form of a swimming pool sitting upright. Its cyan blue interior, adorned with a polished stainless steel ladder, bright lights, and a diving board, opens up to the public traveling down Fifth Avenue, across from Saks Fifth Avenue. Conceived specifically for this site, where fashion, commerce, tourism, business, and art collide, the work playfully contradicts our expectations of both this familiar object and iconic site.


The Guggenheim….with peeps taking photos of peeps taking photos….

The Met – more peeps

Up on the roof top at the Met is an interesting art installation.. It’s called the PsychoBarn by Cornelia Parker. 

More peeps on the roof with a city skyline...

I got to ride the extended No. 7 subway line it’s near where the High Line has been extended and you can finally get to the West Side.  I thought it was impressive although I hear it’s got water leak problems, etc.

Then from me, the Lovin’ Spoonful song that was the inspiration for the headline. Keep it cool out there folks. Keep it cool

9 thoughts on “Hot Town, Summer in the City

  1. Wonderful photos SB!

    I am the most fascinated by the photo of people on the roof at the Met. Look closely. Almost to a one they are either texting or taking photos with their mobile phone. Few people actually talking to each other.

    Too hot for me to go outside today. I’m watching the Olympics in the comfort of my own a/c.

  2. Cool and cloudy along the east facing NE coast at 72degrees. Still haven’t seen any real rain as it seems to keep missing us by going norther south or simply running out of steam. Even the nasty storms of yesterday skirted my town.
    Hot weather returns tomorrow but only for a day.
    Hot Time Summer in the City. Holy Cow! That was 50 years ago!

  3. Most excellent photographs and commentary SoundBeacher! Maybe it’s just me, but, I don’t think those creators of “Van Gogh’s Ear would have lost a single scintilla of representational significance if the ‘pool’ had been installed rotated 180º – jus’ a redneck musin’.

    To keep things cool yet hot:

    1. Talk about a walk down Memory Lane – the Pied Pipers! They were a little schmaltzy for my mom and dad’s taste of music but the songs they sang were such classics – the kind of singing you don’t hear today – voices without being in a sound studio.

      1. I didn’t realize the Pied Pipers had their own albums. I thought they were only background singers. Schmaltz is a term I reserve for stuff from Bert Kaempfert or James Last (parent’s music!):

        1. James Last? Never heard of him but what fun to Google the guy. What a fellow, died only last year in Florida at age 86.

          The YT videos out there for him run the gamut, from Put Me In My Leiderhosen Baby and Polka Polka Polka

          To The Swinging 70s scene he might have done better avoiding altogether

          To the more gentlemanly Last, from 2001.

          Your parents were of German heritage that they knew Last’s music or they just liked his lilt???

        2. Ha! I bet your toes are tapping to all those great old hits! I stumbled across James Last on my iTunes tuner (I think Mark Levin was on one of his rants and I needed respite). Anyway, James seems to have found a great niche for both fun and profit. But, you know, Bert would have been right up there with him (he’s got quite a history of success)

        3. That’s some snazzy light blue suit Bert has on in this clip. Maybe I need to suggest that look to Mr. EOS for one of the formal nights aboard the QM2.

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