now, If only I could find a dress for the same amount of money!!!

We’re making long to-do lists for our autumn QM2 voyage, mostly it’s about gathering outfits for dinners, some formal evenings that require a tuxedo for Mr. EOS and a long gown or two for me. 

Last time I wore a long gown was for a deb party in 2008 and it wasn’t a dress I particularly liked to begin with but it fit, so I bought it. Not seeing a need for it taking space in my closet, I donated it to a charity. So now I’m shopping. Not easy. Ugh. 

Mr. EOS, on the other hand, got the deal of the century when his sister spotted a full tuxedo at the local thrift shop. $64. Yes, $64! Thrift shops are THE go-to for items like this. Sure, it belonged to some guy who is now six feet under but hey, wouldn’t he be happy his tux is getting a second life? I hope so. 

It needs a full steam cleaning but otherwise it fits like a charm. Add a fun cummerbund set, done. Oh, and the dress shoes. He needs those. A Ferragamo pump would do. 

Me, I’m still at square one, shopping, trying on, rolling my eyes and leaving the store with nothing. Perhaps I can start a new fashion trend? Gown by Hefty?? I hate shopping! 

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  1. We men have it much easier in the “what to wear” department. We can don the same tux night after night and no one notices or cares. My wife frets all the time about buying dresses for weddings or formal events so she sends along her sympathy as you hunt.

    1. I don’t expect to buy more than one formal dress. I’ll just accessorize it differently to make it look like I’ve brought more than one. The little black dress.

    1. Buying a new and longer garment bag to carry a long dress and tuxedo. Done, arriving today.

      Ordering some pound sterling for our stay in London post-voyage. Not done yet.

      Arranging for Dawg’s housing while gone. This is the hardest task of all. The son who usually can and does stay with Dawg if we are gone works 6.5 days a week, 15+ hours a day to grow his new business. It’d be wrong to leave Dawg alone all day. I’d be worried. So we are looking at kennels and the one I am most interested in is in Greenwich, Lone Pine Kennel. I want to take a look-see first, bring Dawg over there to see what the sleeping arrangements are etc – then I’ll make my decision. So not done yet.

      Deciding if we get a car service back to Bedford once we land back in the USA or if we take public transportation home. The kids are taking us TO the QM2 when we leave from Brooklyn. Another not done yet chore.

      Otherwise, it’s packing lists – things not to forget. I have a running list already and have started a pile in a corner of the closet.

      It’s the dress shopping that’s the real hang-up.

      1. Call ahead to the Lone Pine Kennel. The property it sits on is for sale and if it sells between now and when you hope to board Dawg, it’s an unknown if the kennel stays open. Worth booking two places you like.

        1. Thanks Jake, that’s news to me about the land. There’s a kennel in Brewster some people use that’s on a farm. I might call them too.

      2. The wife and I give two thumbs up and the two dogs give two paws up for Lone Pine Kennel. Great place and great people. Have boarded our dogs for years. Yes, the property is for sale, which largely consists of the kennel and horse barn, in addition to an old house. Given its relative remoteness and ground zero aspect of what would be done with it, I don’t think it is going to sell anytime real soon.

        They also do day care now, in case you want to check that out and acclimate your dog.

        Of course, one would have Tommy Mottola for a neighbor, at least until he unloads the house he built on the access road to Lone Pine. Not that I think he would be particularly neighborly, what with all the privacy landscaping, cameras and signs about trespassing and attack dogs.

        1. Four paws up doesn’t get any better! Thanks for the review. I plan to call them and ask if I can come for a visit with Dawg. Gosh, what’s silly is in my lifetime I never worried this much about leaving a child with anyone while we were gone, but the pacing and fretting I am having about getting Dawg properly cared for is stressful. It’s tough to decide between someone’s in-home care and a kennel that lets the dogs out most of the day.

          Tommy Mottola? Was he the one married a long time ago to Mariah Carey? If yes, they lived on tony Sarles Road in a huge house that “mysteriously” burned. Mariah divorced him shortly thereafter, or before.

        2. According to Google, Mottola was married to Mariah Carey. He married Thalia two years after they divorced. She is his third wife. A prince of a man, I’m sure.

        3. If my memory serves, Tommy had a large part of Mariah’s promotion or record deals and it was a narrative in that sense only. She was young when she married him and he brought her out to Nowhereville stuck in a huge house. She was miserable.

  2. I thought the post cruise plan was to go to Barcelona.

    Vineyard Vines has fun cummerbund sets at reasonable prices.

  3. Maybe find a dogsitter for Dawg? If I were closer and did not have I time-consuming job, I would volunteer!

    1. SoundBeacher emailed me with the name of someone they know who takes dogs in. I’d rather someone take Dawg than have someone in the house here. Less worry.

  4. Black dupioni silk long skirt and sleeveless top. Won’t wrinkle. Add a colorful silk jacket from the Nat’l Geo catalog. I wear one from the old Pavo Real store. Look in your closet again for the long, black St. John’s knit skirt and top from the last century. You may even find a jacket from their ‘evening’ collection. Dated? Yes, but the price is right if it’s in your closet. See what’s in your Mom’s and sister’s closets while you’re at it. Gosh, I hate finding clothes for black tie events.
    Dawg is a whole different story. Can you find a reliable house sitter? Can you ask your vet for a recommendation? What about doggie day care? There must be a fancy, schmantzy kennel that would suit Dawg’s requirements. Please keep us posted on Dawg’s travel plans.
    Changing $ for £’s- do most of it with your bank card when you get to London. Better rates.

    1. I do have a long navy dupioni skirt from eons ago that remarkably still fits but if I bring that, I’ll ahve to hunt for a new shell or two. I have a drawer full of pashmina in every color that make for an easy outfit change too.

      The platinum AMEX doesn’t charge a fee for buying foreign currency and I don’t need much – just for things like tips and entrances into museums and maybe an Oyster card for the bus etc.

  5. check out bridal wear shops- there used to be a good one on Mamaronack Ave in white plains. Mother of the bride dresses-often reasonable prices. Bibi

    1. I may resort to that if I can’t pull together an outfit or two from what I have in the upstairs closets. I may need emergency liposuction or five layers of Spanx to fit into what’s upstairs, but I’m hoping not to have to spend much $ on something I’ll wear a couple of nights on the ship then not wear again.

  6. I feel your pain! My 26 year old son is getting married next month and i still don’t have my dress…i have been looking on and off for the past six months…i was skinny my whole life (5’6″110 -115) then this year turned 50 and now i am 140 (its all in my stomach-mostly)and nothing looks good on me. I ordered MANY dresses -they look great online and awful on me. So back they go…it has become a huge joke with friends and family. My young daughter (12) is the flower girl- she’s wearing the first dress she liked and tried… Can i borrow your Hefty? ; ) i wish they would elope

    1. I can totally relate to your agita. It’s such a pain to find the perfect dress for such a huge occasion and you are right about how dresses online never ever look as good at home as they do online. Never.

      Good luck. If the Hefty bag look doesn’t fit the theme of the wedding, there’s always the Duct Tape fashion trend! Just think of how you’d have everyone talking.

  7. My ideal would be to get into Helen Mirren’s closet for a pick.
    (Hoping alteration wouldn’t be too costly)

    1. The L&T nearest to me, on Long Ridge Road in Stamford, has merchandise that I wouldn’t put Dawg in. Their buyers must shop for the regional shopper and the Stamford store must not attract any high end buyers. Way back in the day, L&T had fabulous clothes. The last time I walked through the Stamford store they were under serious renovation so I did just that, looked, walked straight through… and out. Haven’t been back since.

      1. It’s worth the trip to L&T in Eastchester. For you, straight shot down 684 and the Hutch. I always find what I’m looking for in Eastchester. I hate the Stamford store and it’s only gotten worse since the remodel.

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