I’d buy this house tomorrow except for one teeny weeny squeeny detail you don’t see in the listing photos!


As we talk about what’s down the road for us house-wise, we know for sure that Florida (or Barbados if we win the lottery) is in the mix. But the question often comes back – what about keeping roots in Bedford? After all, the kids grew up here and at least one of them lives here now and will likely stay here. Others might return to the fold. Many of their 35-40 year old peers are doing so, a baby or two in tow, from the city. My logic says I give my current house to the son who is here and we buy a bungalow, just enough space for visiting grandchildren.

This adorable perfect move-in ready cottage is right up my alley for a pied-a-terre. Practically in town, easy to get to, no huge yard to maintain. Close the door when gone and no worries.

Could it be any cuter??? I don’t think so.

I’ve driven by this house a million trillion times but not until the listing did I notice this….

A deal breaker for me – a shared driveway and more than shared, the house to the left doesn’t have a garage so all their cars are parked outside and have to back up in the shared portion to get out.


What a crying shame. I could never get used to that, never in a million years and I wonder if others will find it objectionable too. Would it bother any of you enough that it would be a deal breaker?

UPDATE: Swanton commented about the pricing history, which I did not see until she emailed it to me. Interesting.

Date Event Price
06/14/2016 Listed $625,000
01/30/2014 Sold $400,000
09/29/2008 Sold $525,000

17 thoughts on “I’d buy this house tomorrow except for one teeny weeny squeeny detail you don’t see in the listing photos!

  1. It would kill the deal for me too. What a cute house though. Maybe see if the house next door is for sale and make it into a barn garage combo.

  2. Yes, it’s a cute property but I took a look at the its pricing history and that gave me pause. When you move south, how much time would you really spend in Bedford? And, it’s no fun worrying about a property when you’re 1500 miles away. If your numbers come in on Wednesday though, all bets are off. ( I won $4.00 in Saturday’s drawing)

    1. I didn’t look at the pricing history. Is there an anomaly? I can see where this house would be a tough sell but someone, these owners perhaps, put a lot of money into fixing it up.

      The kids have remained connected to Bedford and as more and more of their friends come back to raise families, they are here more often and stay here. If we leave Bedford completely, that’d leave the kids to hang out with the one brother who is here. That’s okay, but having a little place they could come to, use when we are or aren’t there, makes some sense.

      I have one PB and one MM ticket. I’m prepared to re-affix the L is for Loser sticker to my forehead. Wishing you good luck.

  3. Deal breaker. There are shared driveways and then there are SHARED driveways. This is the latter. You couldn’t even block off the shared portion from headlights. Tough because the house is well-finished and appointed.

    If you keep a Bedford house, you’d have to keep a Bedford car too or have to rent one for the times you are north. That would be a deal breaker for me. Someone here said (in another post) that once they move to Florida, they’d do AirBnB in Manhattan for their northern fix.

    Where does RI fit in the mix?

    1. Good point about the car. The Florida friends I have who still have family north drive every time they come up – that would get tedious quickly for me.

      As for RI, the carriage house is still under construction and will be done when it’s done. The home represents Mr. EOS’s roots, his family heritage, so for him it will always be in the mix. Me, not as much anymore. The town has changed – more construction, bigger fancier homes, all the good old people are dead or have moved. And the party of the year, a neighbor’s Kentucky Derby bash, got so big with people no one knew, after 60+ YEARS of the family hosting, they stopped. That says it all.

      1. I can comment on car stuff. In Florida, we kept essentially a station car in the garage, mostly so that our college age daughter could use it without hassle when she visited with her friends when we weren’t there. Goggle ‘battery tender’. it is a small box with a green face which you connect to your battery and plug into a wall outlet. These things are amazing. We would leave the car for months on end on the battery tender and it always started like a champ whenever we got there. We did have fluid leaks from the car, since all cars want to be driven.

        When we drove said station car to Florida, we booked the Amtrak auto train. It is just under an hour south of DC, departs 3pm or so, and arrives in Orlando the next morning. People say it is great. Unfortunately for us, WE MISSED THE TRAIN due to insane traffic. Since we were there within an hour of departure, they refunded our money and we drove. Better than cooling our heels overnight in a hotel.

        I suspect most places you go in Florida, you will find people who come to the northeast to get your car and bring/drive it to you for a reasonable price if driving isn’t your thing. If driving is your thing, I talked to someone at a party a couple of weeks ago who said when he drives to Venice, FL, he leaves Greenwich at 3am and drives straight through. Now that is hard core!

        C of O on our rebuild expected about Oct 1. Tick tock! November move planned.

        1. All helpful advice. Thanks. We’ve used a battery tender for the vintage Mercedes I have but one time a few years ago didn’t realize the breaker to the tender outlet flipped so the car sat for months dead. Our bad.

          I love to drive so it probably would be my default but I’m not getting any younger and driving long stretches late at night is not my favorite. I’ve heard auto train nightmares of filthy dirty sleeping births. I think is rather take two days and stop at a hotel the first night.

          I’m thrilled for you re the move!! You’ll have to change your moniker! Be thinking.

  4. Would a home in Katonah, walking distance to the train make any sense? Or downtown Greenwich? Any place in Bedford is going to require a car.

    1. Downtown Katonah makes sense logistically re the train and access without a car but I’m not a fan of the Victorian painted ladies that line the boulevard. They are pretty to look at but I wouldn’t want one.

      Greenwich is out of the price point …. I doubt there’s such a thing as a bungalow for $650.

  5. My little town sounds a lot like your RI town. What is it about people who find a place they like but when they move into it want to change the very features that attracted them in the first place. I saw that in rural NH with new buyers who wanted to duplicate Boston suburbs. I’ve heard Boston politicians aren’t interested in historic preservation which is a major reason for tourism in the first place.
    Yet, I like living where I do in my simple, understated house that suits its surroundings. I have good neighbors which seems to be unusual here.

    1. I will say that the new big homes are for the most part tasteful in design and suit the street and town. The difference is that this group of monied owners has several homes, so their RI house might be used a few weeks peak summer. Might. Long gone are the days when the whole damn family would come for the entire summer, cousins, aunts, dogs, and everyone knew everyone and the conviviality was high. Today, not so much.

  6. Don’t you have a lot of land/separate garage with your Bedford place? Put a second story over the garage, or a cute little in-law expanded shed on the property where the pool used to be- bedroom, bath,great room with cooking area. Kids keep an eye on things when you’re elsewhere. Bibi

    1. Bibi, when we built the garage/barn we wanted to add an accessory apartment but the town process is egregious because they don’t like such things. Plus, adding a bedroom and bathroom would have required enlarging the septic system. In hindsight, it would have been worth the wait and time and headache, but we opted out. A mistake.

  7. We have a shared driveway, but it is more like a private road with four other driveways feeding into it. This cute little house is different, an unpleasant situation as others pointed out.

    I’ll tell you a funny about driving to Florida. Last year Net Jets (it’s on my prosperity board) had an open house, so we took the boys to explore and check out the planes. My eldest (11) wondered why we would want THAT? I said, “well, we could fly down here whenever we want, like for a weekend, or Thanksgiving. And, it would only take a few hours. Tarmac straight into the golf cart.” His response? “But! Then we would miss the two days of fun in the car!!” (Lots of fun field trip stops and audiobooks on our journey) 😂 No Net Jet in my immediate future!

    1. Your shared driveway situation sounds quite manageable. That wouldn’t bother me at all.
      That NetJets story had me laughing out loud. Take a bow Martha, it’s to your credit that you are raising incredible boys who appreciate the joy of a two day car ride. Keep them that way Martha. It’s so rare.

  8. two thoughts: it cost us 30K to lift and move our 3 story 7 bed Cape cottage. Does your adorable cottage have enough land to make moving it worthwhile, to get a driveway, parking spot? Second thought: septic systems are sized by number of bedrooms. Can you remove one bedroom /combine two bedrooms into one in your Bedford house and add an inlaw-65 apartment, since number of bedrooms wouldn’t increase? Cape neighbors did that. Regulations change when apartment is restricted to over-65-at least in Greenwich. Bibi

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