It was bound to happen some time!

Six years of posting photos submitted by SoundBeacher and CosHarbour and never once did they have photos of the same destination/topic….until today. What are the odds? All I have to say is lucky us. Very lucky indeed.

Photos are self explanatory…First up SB, only because SB sent photos before Cos did!

The destination: The Eagle, the US Coast Guard ship in NYC next to the Intrepid.

The Barque Eagle was actually built by the Nazi’s in Germany

It was docked next to the Intrepid and it was hard to get a full on photo of it. So here is the aft.

Don’t call them ropes these are “lines”

This was a look into the galley

The Swab we know got to climb to the top of the rigging the other day.sb1591

Hard to get a full on photo of The Eagle, it’s tucked into the pier with The Intrepid. In this shot I’ve got the Concorde and what looks like a military helicopter flying over too.


The NY Police Boat happened by

Now, from CosHarbour….

also the Eagle, with the addition of the British Air Concorde tail, and here, the GW Bridge in the background

Mainsail rigging

Eagle Deck by doghouse galleys (kitchens to feed 30 crew and 100 cadets)

Wheels to swing sails..


British Air Concorde tail

Eagle and Concorde

Eagle transom and colors

CosH Bonus..a Good Humor truck, hatch open…mmmmm

What I love is that SB and CosH visited the the same venue yet each brought their own eye. Brilliant, and thanks.

Looks like we are in for a rainy Saturday. Enjoy nonetheless.

12 thoughts on “It was bound to happen some time!

  1. Do we know if SoundBeacher and CosHarbour were at the Intrepid museum the same day? That would be something. The sky looks similar in both sets of photos.

    Kudos to both. love all the photos.

    1. I was in NYC on Thurs and took my ship photos late in the day about 5pm. When were you there CosH? Looks like you went one pier south to get a few shots, were you by those Eat Drink Dine Boats the one that set sail at 6pm? We did stop for a cold beverage and watched it set sail.

  2. Mind blown: SPEC.TAC.U.LAR. photos! After seeing an aerial view of NY harbor, previously, I now know why there is a Concorde there. Not to be disagreeable, but, I wonder how many Germans building that barque were actually Nazi’s? Will we all be Hillbots when she comes to power in January?

    off topic: Have you ever thought of getting a real estate license and pursuing it as a part time career? Seems like it could be a fun way to dabble in what I think is an avocation of yours. At least you could get the Q7 and write it off as a business expense.

    1. Never ever thought of being a realtor mostly because some of the most disingenuous people on the planet are realtors. OF COURSE, there are decent folk who are realtors, CF for one, and if Swanton gets her license, that’ll make two. I can’t name a third. It’s all about playing a game and sucking up to the buyer. I have one realtor friend who was “dismissed” by the client, told she could leave the room once they got to the house they were viewing. Bedford is wall to wall realtors, the successful ones in the biz for decades with repeat clientele. But thanks for thinking of me!!! 😁😁😁

      1. I was thinking of that woman realtor® in the Bedford/Westchester area with the amusing first name (Bunny? Muffin? Twinkles?) that has her “own” way of selling properties. I am assuming the “job” would only be for mad money (given a large family fortune for basics), so, you could “tell it like it is” and laugh if the prospective buyers walked. I dunno, seems like a great way to get entry into some great houses and to express your opinion on what needs to be done to bring the place up to date.

        1. Muffin! She’s very successful and yes, she has her own way! The tough thing here is that the most expensive homes go to a handful of brokers. The middle range homes sit unsold. The under $1m do fly off the shelves but not enough dough in those to make it worth my while. Maybe when I moved here 30 years ago I coulda been a realtor. Today, no. I’d rather be a builder.

  3. Can’t speak for EOS but I am very seriously considering real estate school this fall. it’s a pretty competitive business in my little town where half the storefronts belong to realtors, though.

  4. The Good Humor truck: Back in the 60s when I lived in the West Village, I once bought a toasted almond from a Good Humor Ice cream cart in Washington Square Park; it tasted kind of funny. Glancing back at the cart, I noticed it was identical to Good Humor in every way except Good Humor was spelled Good Human.

    1. AJ: for some reason, your comment ended up in my spam folder and only now, cleaning it out, did I spy it. Odd, since none of your other comments go to spam.

      I’m glad I found the comment because it’s darn funny!

  5. Hi to SB! As always, your pics are excellent and enjoyable.
    Mine are generally focus challenged attempts via dinky phone.
    The Eagle sails back to New London on Monday with 100 new swabs.
    Swabs was a new word for moi, and how great that you know a Swab!
    Actually denotes Coast Guard Academy Cadet in Connecticut.
    During my time aboard The Eagle I had the pleasure of asking questions about the rigging, the 26 sails, etc. I learned so much.
    Best of all to your Swab!!!!

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