Revisiting Rio: That Titanic Thing, Jesus Christ Style

Since there’s very little to blog about and the Olympics are taking place in Brazil, I thought it logical to start a series of Brazil re-posts from our trip there in February 2012.

From the original…………

You know in the movie Titanic, the star-crossed lovers stand at the bow of the ship, spread-eagle. Well, here, it’s to replicate the stance of the statue.

The World Famous Random American Tourist made an appearance!

We took an elevator up to the statue after getting off the train, but walked down. The train was packed both ways, us seemingly the only American tourists. We heard a lot of Italian, Spanish, German, and of course, the native tongue, Portuguese. Seven cruise ships were in town at once. Holy cow.

13 thoughts on “Revisiting Rio: That Titanic Thing, Jesus Christ Style

    1. Rosie: we heard some Brits today while in the Botanical Garden but otherwise, nary another Ugly American.

      As an aside, our guide told us he thought Brazil to America and America to Brazil visas were going to end one day soon – Brazil doesn’t care for Obama’s immigration policy, so we are told.

      1. I don’t know anything about visas. I just know that I see a lot of Brazilians at my cash register.

        Oh boy I’m looking forward to seeing your photos of the Botanical Gardens!

  1. We call that the “you are really there photo” when your Mr. EOS is the “random american tourist” in the picture.

      1. Thanks for presenting this grouping.
        I began getting overload, but then started looking at the difference in the faces of Jesus.
        I had to laugh out loud when I caught myself saying these don’t look like Jesus!
        Ha, not my Jesus in Connecticut.

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