Revisting Rio: The Lady and The Tram

Since there’s very little to blog about and the Olympics are taking place in Brazil, I thought it logical to start a series of Brazil re-posts from our trip there in February 2012. The first is a tram ride up Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio, from February 2012.

Seems Mr. EOS and I are on a Tram Tour of the World so when in Rio, what’s a couple to do other than hop aboard the cable car up to Pão de Açúcar or Sugar Loaf Mountain composed of granite and quartz.

Rising 1300 feet above sea level, Sugar Loaf got its name from the conical clay molds that its shape resembles.

Much to our guide’s surprise, there were no long lines today. Because we opted to go at lunch hour and the peak of the heat, many people were waiting until the end of the day (which is said to be the most beautiful time to take the ride up). Fine by us.

This is the 100th year of operation and the fourth generation of cable cars. Generation one, the yellow car, sits atop the mountain. No thank you.

There’s a separate cable system for a utility car and a job that I can’t IMAGINE having. I mean, just LOOK at the man standing up in the car. I would have passed out in fear. It was hard enough for me to look down from the safety of an enclosed car!!

The journey to the top of Sugar Loaf involves two two separate cable car systems, a dog-leg right from the top of Morro da Urca. Urca is a beautiful and very desirable residential village below, the residents of which have exclusive rights to use Red Beach.

One of the many heliports
The village of Urca as seen from Morro da Urca plateau
A Portuguese fort seen from the plateau

Going up……Tram Redux

From atop…..views to Copacabana Beach, Red Beach, Botofogo beach (where the Yacht Club resides) and all of downtown.

The regional airport

Below, the rock…a one-time prison. At high tide, oops, bye-bye prisoners.

Looking over to Copacabana Beach
Red beach, for use by residents of Urca
The cable car arriving is the one we’ll take back down
Going Down, third floor lingerie
A view over to Corcovado
Just checking. Looks good to me.

18 thoughts on “Revisting Rio: The Lady and The Tram

  1. You’re being a very good sport but if you think that guy’s job is terrifying, don’t watch this video! 🙂

  2. Thanks for reposting these. I was around back when you went but I was a lurker, not a commenter. Great photos.

    I wouldn’t want to be in Rio now though – honestly, I’d be worried about a terror attack. Were you worried back then?

    1. A terror attack wasn’t on our radar at all. Maybe thievery by locals but we always took precautions when walking at night – like NY, safety in numbers.

        1. Like that isn’t too scary a thought. Did you read that the EEOC has deemed the Don’t Tread On Me flag racist? The USA is officially gone off the deep end.

    1. Our take on Rio wouldn’t have used such happy background music. It’s a beautiful city with gorgeous beaches and women, but it’s hard to get past the poverty that is so prevalent.

      1. Maybe so. In my defense the performance was from 1939, when the economic disparity was, hopefully, not as pronounced.
        How’s this or matching song and scene?

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